The Genius Of The Unexpected Masterpiece

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Puer + Cauda Draconis → Fortuna Major (124)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 3rd July 2016


You’re clever, you’re dreamy, you’ve kind of got it all figured out.

Oh yeah?

This week holds a nice surprise. Specifically, an unexpected surprise.

Now you know how some surprises are not really surprises… getting something you’ve always wanted for your birthday, some CDs by your favourite singer/musician, a great book somebody thought you would like (another one by the same author you like), a DVD of that film you really liked a few months ago and so on.

They are all nice surprises, but not really ‘unexpected’.

Now when we talk about a surprise this week please note that it isn’t necessarily big and it isn’t necessarily life-altering. The most notable thing about this surprise will be that it will be, erm, surprising however.

Hmmm, I may be making too much of it so let’s look at it in detail:

Puer in the 10th house (Pisces) gives a very clear indication that you would like people to notice what you’re doing.

Actually, as Puer is associated with the planet Mars then getting people to simply notice your efforts probably won’t be enough for you. You’ll want others to actively notice and participate in what you’re doing.

You are likely to feel quite passionate about what you’re trying to do. And you may have some romantic notions about how you would like the situations to turn out. And given all this activity and fundamental force you’re feeling it would not surprise me to find that you are trying to be quite persuasive in getting people to go along with your activities. (Don’t you feel that the word ‘manipulation’ has such ugly connotations?)

Anyway, you are certainly pressing outwardly to move things along. You will probably be quite successful in this.

Cauda Draconis in the 12th house (Taurus) suggests that you are doing quite a lot of work behind the scenes, too, in order to make everything else run smoothly. We can think of this as being well-prepared and doing your homework to make sure that nothing fails because of anything you didn’t do. Very good.

This is where you push forward and be persuasive with other people because you can explore their desires and their dreams. And by doing so you can show how what they want and what you want are closely aligned. Everybody is a winner!

And the surprise, when it comes, does not wreck your plans or stop you getting what you want you will be pleased to know.

It just does something… surprising.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Fortuna Major (124) in the second house (Cancer).

You are likely to find that because you and others are so caught up in the changes that you want to bring about that you don’t initially spot a very small change happening around you.

It causes a shift from things that you’ve been doing to a new perspective, new thoughts, new plans, new information. And most importantly, a new way of feeling about what’s going on.

It’s like that sudden change of perspective in an optical illusion when a picture looks like one thing and then it changes to look like something else. As I said, surprising.

This won’t be a bad thing at all. It will be a lighted path. A coming together of circumstances to create something new.

This change of perspective will produce something different and beneficial for you.

Let me see if I can offer you a completely hypothetical example:

You are sitting in the middle of a field and have just completed a beautiful watercolour picture of the scene in front of you. It’s a lovely picture and you feel quite pleased.

It’s just that that moment, and without you having noticed the start of the change, it begins to rain.

The rain quickly splashes onto the painting and makes the colours run. You gather up your paints, your chair, your easel and you make it a dash for cover. But when you look at the painting it is now an unrecognisable series of streaks of paint.

It turns out, however, that someone just loves this abstract Impressionism and is happy to pay a small fortune for the picture!

As I said, surprising.

(If any of you do happen to make £1 million in the next week or so by selling a soggy painting then please remember which wonderful friend gave you this advice.) 🙂



Cristie Guevara (CC0 1.0)

Cristie Guevara (CC0 1.0)



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