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Populus + Fortuna Major → Fortuna Major
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 10th July 2016


Tell me, what colour is it?

… What?

Bear with me. When you know the answer — for sure — don’t tell anyone how you know… When you are in Flow, you know.

Populus in the seventh house (Capricorn) at the start of this week shows that your business with others is in many ways concluding or actually finished.

This is likely to be the case whether you and they know it or not!

You have met them, the deal is done, matters are now set in place. The Flow this week is about the ‘What comes after’ bit.

If you are at the start of relationship then you can look forward to its continuing development and the fleshing out of existing details. The hard work of getting it started is finished.

If you are at the height then what you have now is golden and is probably as good as it will get in its present form.

If you are at the end, then nothing will be quite the same again.

(… What colour is it?)

With Populus this is always going to be a time of appreciating the need to complete. It means that you are likely to be able to see physical matters changing even as you look at them!

Fortuna Major in the second house (Leo) shows that some things will not change, however. The underlying course of events is fairly set. There’s actually a certain inevitability to it all. Look closely at the geome and you will see that it is your thoughts and ideas which will carry you forward. The collapse of the double Taps to two singles at Levels 3 and 4 show that you will consolidate (and can stop worrying about) physical matters so much. In fact, you may be expecting others to now play their part and pick up where you leave off.

(… What colour is it?)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is also Fortuna Major in the ninth house (Pisces). (As the first geome was Populus then all the Taps are old Taps.)

This shows that you need to keep your eyes fixed on where you are going and growing next.

Build on what you have. Shed your skin but keep true to who you are.

This is the time to be clear and to focus your mind. Find the parts of you which can get bigger. Seek to explore yourself and your capabilities inside and out.

So, how can you visualise this to help plan your course?

Look at the picture below…


1024px-Newport_Hill_Climb_finish_line (600)

Huw Williams [Public Domain]

It’s an old, black, vintage car. It looks like it is just winning a race. But that would be too simple an explanation.

It is actually completing a journey — at least part of a journey.

The journey for the driver looks as though it may continue in a sleek new way after this part of the journey is over, don’t you think?

So, tell me about the driver’s onward journey

… What colour is it?

Write in the comments here, or on one of the boards, so that I know that you get it.

If you are in Flow you will know the answer. And you will understand the full meaning of the symbol.

And then you will be able to make the most out of this week and where your life can go next.


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Thank you.


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