Never Refuse Jewels In A Plain Chalice

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Puer + Rubeus → Carcer (124)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 17th July 2016


Prepare yourself. If you are in Flow then later this week you are likely to be shaking your head with a wry smile, thinking back to this Casting, both knowing and determined where you’re going next…

The start of this week sees the first geome, Puer, in the second house (Leo). This gives the feeling that you are fully and truly able to express your emotional wants and needs.

This is not simply that you are able to express yourself but rather that you are absolutely clear on what needs to happen. (Finally!)

Everything seems to be clicking for you here. You know what you want, you know who you want it from and there’s nothing to stop you going after it.

The aspect between the geomes this week is a sextile, which is a very good sign. Because recent frustrations and setbacks have been holding you back the temptation will be to perhaps push a little too much when things seem to be going your way.

Naturally, you’ll want to capitalise on good feelings and situations, but don’t let your enthusiasm and successes run away with you. Going too far will simply cause others to become irritated with a ‘Yes, yes — I get it!’ kind of expression.

The second geome provides a very interesting addition to this.

Rubeus in the fourth house (Libra) shows that later in the week you will be pressing for still further change. Are you going to restrict this to just developments at home or will you find yourself trying to play off several projects at once?

The progress and control that started earlier in the week can seem to be so positive that you’ll want to invite many other people to share, contribute to and enjoy your activities. This could be a very enthusiastic time.

When you realise just how far it’s possible to take your efforts you may feel that you are tap-dancing between several projects, progressing them as much as you can, yet still trying to get the results you want.

Now, all that sounds positive, enthusiastic and progressive — and it is!

It’s like somebody has handed you a chalice filled to overflowing with jewels, sparkling and bright!

Geomancers, however, know to keep their eyes on the Flow and the Active Transform.

What happens is not as important as what it means.

And what it means helps you know where to look next.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transforme this week is Carcer (124) in the sixth house (Sagittarius). Carcer is associated with the planet Saturn and you might think that in the sixth house matters were going to come to a grinding halt and involve a lot of work. Not so, however.

If we look carefully at the Flow between the geomes we can see the continuity of double Taps at Level 3, the opening of two new Taps at Level 2 and the closing down of the External Realms (Levels 1 and 4) from Rubeus.

This shows that after all the energy and excitement, after all the progress and enthusiasm, after wanting and producing change, the thing we finally see is a change in ourselves. It’s all curling back onto us, encouraging reflection and improvement on who and what we are. Gaia is showing you the chalice filled with jewels for sure. But look carefully. Look very carefully. The chalice is a priceless historical artefact, plain as it may seem.


Glass cup with the Name of Pharaoh Thutmosis, Munich Museum. Cartouche: "Men-kheper-Ra" Einsamer Schütze (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Glass cup with the Name of Pharaoh Thutmosis, Munich Museum.
Cartouche: “Men-kheper-Ra” Einsamer Schütze (CC BY-SA 3.0)


Tip away the shiny jewels. Avoid being attracted by glitter and seeming value. Know the true worth of what you hold in your hands.

You are likely to find is that the treasure will be in your thoughts and new ways to apply them. It is not the outward expression (the jewels) but what conveys the expression —the chalice, you!

Your wry smile comes when you realise this, when you see that the true value has been staring at you all the time and that it isn’t in the ‘apparent rewards’. It’s when you realise that the only thing that changed, or needed to change, was you.

For those still learning their hieroglyphics, the cartouche on the chalice reads ‘Men-Kheper-Re’, (the name given to Thutmose III, 1481 to 1425 BCE) and can be roughly translated as ‘birth, fullness and birth again’.


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