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Albus + Aquisitio → Caput Draconis (3)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 21st August 2016


This week’s Casting shows a very interesting progression in the Flow. Looking at this from a purely astrological point of view we would see only the conjunction of the geomes in the seventh house. In doing a geomantic casting, however, the order in which we draw out the geomes gives us vital additional information about the Flow.

And the Flow this week is all about our interactions with others… or so it would seem.

Albus in the seventh house (Aquarius) is conjunct to Acquisitio. From an astrological point of view we would probably pick up most on the communication, ideas and desire for expansion in our relationships with others. These are going to be largely of an unconventional or somewhat erratic kind thanks to the Aquarian nature of the house.

Understanding the Flow however changes this picture significantly. It shows us that Albus is in a Contracting Flow to Acquisitio. This means that despite all the differing opinions, ideas and approaches that will be surrounding us this week we will be keen and probably required to keep our thoughts focused, to not press too hard for results and to stop making so many demands on others (or have them made on us).

There will be no getting away from the fact that there will be lots of ideas and opinions flying around with regard to other people: you will express opinions about them and they will be happy to return the favour.

Some, in fact probably most, ideas will seem to fall between being completely impracticable even if they are seen as an act of genius by the other person! It seems that everybody will be able to come up with creative and inventive ideas, even if these largely seem to be for their own benefit.

I think it is important to make clear that this does not necessarily mean rows, arguments or other form of verbal combat! It simply means more energy and focus will be brought to differing views and opinions in our interactions with others.

You’ll probably also find that it’s difficult to pin people down. And as the Flow works just as well for you as it does for them, they will probably find you difficult to pin down, too.

In all of this Acquisitio later in the week reveals what much of all this excitement is about: the dilemma of finding security with the known and the desire to seek expansion and freedom elsewhere. And as with most dilemmas it’s going to be difficult to choose one or the other.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform is Cauda Draconis (3) also in the seventh house. This provides a dramatic choice for a course of action, if you are willing to take it…

Note here that the Flow continues to Contract, but look how it’s doing so: Acquisitio is identical to Caput Draconis in all but Level 3. And in the Active Transform Level 3 is a single new Tap. And that means we’ve got to learn something and start to apply things in a new way.

Of course you want to see your way through your interactions to everyone’s benefit. You feel that you want to help encourage and cooperate. You may even be feeling generous enough not to overlook the good ideas of others. But even in this attitude of give and take it is likely that you are getting too wrapped up in the detail. It’s a bit like a meeting in which everyone wants to get their point of view across: some people talking, some listening, some thinking, some talking to others and some not paying attention…


Who is really listening and who is taking action? [Public Domain]

Who is listening? Who is taking action? [Public Domain]

What is actually needed here is to look to expand your views and in doing so to encompass, rather than to trade off, different opinions and approaches.

You see the ultimate benefit here is for you to be able to change how you do things and how you see things. The opportunity is to learn to do something new in your relationships, particularly the ones closest to you.

Geomancy does not pull its punches in interpretation so I shall say this quite clearly: if you do not find an opportunity to grow and develop with regard to your relationships this week then events will pass you by. That would be a shame, as this is a chance to develop a new tool for your mental and emotional toolkit. Without it you will simply repeat the same cycle next time. (Harsh, I know!)

The suggestion then is not to get too involved in the details of who said what and who did what.

That’s why I think the Flow only seems to be about our interactions with others. Our interactions are the ingredients, not the final meal.

Here is the major lesson: You don’t need to focus on the views and situations which you think need to change. You will grow by focusing on how you work and interact with others.


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