Staying True To Yourself In A World Of Chaos

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 9th August 2015


Puella in the first house may make you worry that you are not pushing out enough this week. But it would be a mistake to push out too soon. There something you need to do first: Get very clear in your head exactly who you are and what you want and don’t budge from that whatever happens.

Your intentions and honesty in sticking with your values are what will carry you through this week. This indication in the Flow means that you are likely to be sensitive to everything and everyone that is trying to establish itself and that is trying to discover its own true worth.

This means you may find other people are somehow trying to seek their identity through you (children often do this, of course).

While you may wish to help those close to home you will need to make sure they don’t take up too much of your time on the pie-in-the-sky projects.

Getting this foundation will be important as the second geome, Laetitia, begins to make its presence felt later in the week. This is likely to manifest in one of a number of ways.

Given its associations with the planet Neptune and the fact that it is in the sixth house (traditionally associated with Virgo) then it would be sensible to mention its links to all things medical and health in general. The fact that the aspect between them is a quincunx does not suggest a significant problem. Just take care when working with sharp or pointed objects. Accidents could easily occur if you try to do too much when you’re tired.

However, it is much more likely that this influence will manifest itself in terms of your work and the possibilities relating to it.

My feeling is that there will be all sorts of plans and effort directed into grand ideas and new changes of direction. You’ll probably see that they peter out for unexpected reasons, however.

These distractions may come about as all sorts of dreams and travel plans in relation to work. This is why it’s important for you to stay clear in your plans and to your centre. Stick to what is concrete and true.

Let nothing disturb you from your course. Gaia needs your thoughts and plans, so keep hold of them and don’t let go.

Despite distractions, both internal and external, this is a time to seek solid external connection with others and to learn from the process of finding it.

Let your plans be your benchmark. Keep holding out for the ‘opportune moment’ and only shoot for your target when you know you have a clear aim at it.

The fact that there are two double taps at Level 2 throughout this casting shows the need to maintain your clear mental course of action — indeed a clear head at all times. And the way to do that best will be to make sure that any fear in your heart is quickly comforted by the strength of your convictions.

The latter part of this week will give you the opportunity to test and find out what you can do and shape where you need to be next.

The journey really is the destination this week. It’s a classic casting of geomes: Establish your core, explore the possibilities and then learn the lessons whilst you are ‘doing’.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Fortuna Major (134) in the 11th house (Taurus).

This shows the need to do what is in your heart; to show your love and compassion. If you have picked your target well whatever project or person it is that deserves your attention will blossom. And in the process you will be able to both express yourself creatively and find out in good time what else you need to do to keep the ball rolling.

Your particular Geomantic Way will, of course, differ from everyone else’s. But the basic story this week will be true for all: Settle your thoughts, your ideas and your plans firmly in your mind and prepare to meet the adventures coming your way.

Pick only those areas in which you feel you resonate and can make a positive contribution.

You will feel sure footing as soon as you hit the right note, so let that be your benchmark. If things don’t immediately ‘click’ with you and the people you work with stop and move on to something more promising — something closer to your heart.

Don’t get too carried away with just ideas however fulfilling and ‘connected’ they make you feel to others. Make time to plan what additional resources you will need to capitalise on the progress you make and all will be well.

The Flow has a clear message this week: Spark new ideas and creativity in others. Seek good ideas in return and learn how to build on them.


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There were no Rogues this week.



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