Doing The Work

Albus + Fortuna Minor → Cauda Draconis (3)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 23rd April 2022

This week sees the prospect of significant progress which will be in direct proportion to the energy put into the process. It is all within your control.


Albus in the 5th house (Leo) is a useful and powerful placement this week. You are likely to find a strong and beneficial interest and input into your projects.

Old friends may help provide the influence and advice you need. There may also be interest and involvement from and older and wiser figure (or two). Any advice and help you get is likely to be the result of experience and wisdom and is therefore well worth taking. It is also likely to be help just short of physically doing the work for you. In other words, contacts, friends and networks can only do so much. Ultimately it will be up to you to take what you need and tailor it exactly to the circumstances you have.

The Pars Mercurii gives an interesting and important additional piece of assistance related to this point: Be vigilant. Do not get distracted with what only seems deep and important. Consider this: accept favours from a monarch but be wary of favours from a first minister. Both are powerful but their motives in granting them are often different.

Fortuna Minor in the 10th house (Capricorn) provides the changes later in the week. Practical wisdom changes the emphasis of Flow to effort and practical application. In other words, thinking gives way to doing the work.

There is a higher aspect to this, however: Do what needs to be done for you but seek to create circumstances better generally so that others may benefit. For example, by improving your view of your surroundings you are also improving the neighbourhood for others. By improving the physical appearance of your project the whole enterprise looks more professional and a better overall impression will be created.


Doing the work, Adina Voicu, Pixabay, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Cauda Draconis (3) in the 3rd house (Gemini). Making the transition from theories and ideas to practical application successfully means that you will start to see more of the results you want.

You may find that your work is very effortful at present but that it is also satisfying. The trick now will be to stay on top of it in order to capitalise on the momentum you have built up.

Keep learning and relish the use of new knowledge, skills and tools.


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