Sift And Sieve

Puer + Albus → Via (3)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 30th April 2023

Puer in the 5th house (Leo) is a powerful influence in the chart as it is the ruler of the Ascendant. It indicates plenty of vigorous energy is flowing through the system, both physically and mentally. You will find that social occasions flourish and with it feelings of cooperation and romance. You are big enough to be able to distinguish friendship from flirtation and it pays to make sure that you keep within proper bounds. (If they aren’t getting their message through to you they will surely make it clearer.)

Much of the energy swirling around this week should produce a general uplift in your mood and energy levels—a very welcome lift given that it is officially Beltane, the true start of summer, this coming Friday.

The Pars Martii, also in the 5th house, indicates that it would serve you well to watch how that energy is used. Given that the geomes are in a very favourable trine aspect you may find that as you have so much energy others may try to absorb or leech as much of that energy from you as they can. Likewise, you may find that you inadvertently allow it to spill over or leak away. Guard against both of these possibilities. Use your energy for your purposes and stay focused in how you use it.

Albus in the 1st house (Aries) is a wise and useful influence later in the week. Use it to propel your path forward. The vigour of Puer is transformed into Albus’s more mental pursuits and endeavours and you become much clearer about your direction forward. New and old ideas will combine to give you this clarity.

To use this to maximum advantage, take your energetic first thoughts and sift and sieve them for the gold they contain. Not all of them will be of value. Some may involve too many resources or general effort even though they seem promising possibilities. It is the sifted second thoughts that will serve you better.

Use your wisdom and judgement to sort through what is best to be done from what should be done or could be done. Focus down and distil.


Sift and Sieve, Chris Fithall, Flickr, (CC by 2.0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Via (3) in the 9th house (Sagittarius). Flow is positioned for great and productive thoughts and plans and new opportunities for growth. This growth relates to how you might broaden both your mental and physical horizons. You should be able to make lists of areas which could open up for you to consider and new routes to travel.

You will be relieved to know that Flow will carry you forward without the need for extra effort on your part. Keep on sifting and sieving to enable you to choose your future direction carefully.


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