Thought Transplant

Laetitia + Puella → Fortuna Major (1)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 20th October 2019

This week the major opportunity you will have will be to capitalise on Flow in your feelings and thoughts.

Laetitia in the 10th house (Cancer) shows that you are trying to consolidate your current position. Maybe things have been working out for you and you want to make sure of what you’ve got. That is fine with regard to material possessions. But there is a building opportunity to change what you think and then what you feel.

Two questions are likely to bubble up for you this week. The first is likely to be ‘Is this all I get?’. The second is, ‘Can I get more?’ The sextile aspect shows that you are not trying to be greedy. You just recognise that you can, and should, push things further. This will mainly apply to yourself. You’ll wonder if you are capable of more, of doing and getting more.

This is a challenging question as you probably feel that you are already putting in all you’ve got. But you might also feel that the results are not quite what you were expecting or hoping for.

It’s useful that you think that as it will help you when Flow changes it’s effect later in the week…

The Pars Neptunii is in the 11th house this week. It is showing that there is a danger in believing everything you’re told by people, even people you like and trust. It’s not that they mean you ill-will, but that they are supporting the ‘you’ they know, your existing patterns of thought and behaviour. Therein lies the difficulty. These times call for a change. Continuation, no matter how well intentioned, will not produce change. You cannot do what you’ve always done and expect a different result. This is a time to change some thinking. And when your thoughts change, your world changes.

Puella in the 12th house (Virgo) is a real help in this situation. It shows that this is a time you can make a thought change. But in order to make space for new thinking you need to cut out some of your existing unnecessary thoughts and ideas about yourself and others. Specifically, some matters you were taking for granted and saw as settled need to be carefully examined — lovingly — to see whether they are still true, necessary and relevant. Puella is suggesting a pruning. It is time to take the stabilizer wheels off your thinking machine. Get rid of the supporting fat. It is encouraging you to make your thinking leaner.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Fortuna Major (1) in the second house (Scorpio). If ever there was a time for a thought transplant it would be now!

You don’t need to do more. You don’t need to be more. You just need to clear away the ‘dross’ and waste in order to make space for the new. And just to emphasise the point, this applies to your thinking.

Focus on what you know to be real and true. Accept no substitutes.

Look for inspiration, for adaptations, for the new.

Thought transplant, Rawpixel, Pixabay, (CC0), (700)

It’s only a ‘transplant’ if there is a replacement with something newer and better.

It is only when you have removed the unnecessary that you have space to put in something which better serves your needs.

Allow your emotions to judge worth for you.

Get all the meaning you can out of this: “For goodness sake look for goodness sake”.

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Thank you.


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