Clearing Negative Influences From A House

In this post I’ll show you how to get rid of negative influences from a house, discover a different way to apply the same principles and reveal a little-known secret about a God.

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One of my students recently asked me about House Clearance and whether geomancy could be used to clear negative influences.  She found the information very helpful so I thought I would share it with you.

What do we mean by ‘House Clearance’?

House clearance is a general term for the removal of ‘negative influences’ from a property. These influences have a number of possible causes and their effects are noticed in a number of ways.

Here are some of the signs:

  • People in the property may experience illness or an energy drain and their problem clears up when they move away
  • There is unusual activity at the property – items continually going missing, unusual sounds, seeming poltergeist activity
  • They may see ghosts, unusual visions or other psychic or spiritual manifestations
  • They feel a general tension or bad feeling in the air
  • There are problems with the health of pets and livestock
  • Etc., etc.

‘Friendly ghosts’ are not usually a problem, and I know of a few pubs who make a nice sideline out of them (!) by attracting tourists and ghost-hunters.

What we are are concerned with here however are the problematic phenomena affecting people’s mood and health.

Two types of problem

Broadly, the causes of disturbances can be categorised in one of two ways: The physical problems and the spiritual/mental problems.  (These are general categories, I’ll get more specific in a moment.)

If you are going to clear a house you first need to diagnose the type of problem you have – which is not the same as how it’s manifesting.

Cast a geome keeping the property in mind (having the address, map location, photograph or simple drawing will suffice).  The chances are that you will cast one of the following.

Astrogem Geomancy Geome Spirit Earth Clearing Negativity

Primary geomes concerned with diagnosing the causes of disturbance in a house

As you can see from the photo, the geomes are arranged horizontally – from least to most complex for the situation.

The bottom row is concerned with physical problems (as they all have a double tap at Level 4).  The top row is concerned with mental and spiritual problems (as they all have a double tap at Level 1).

(I know, I know – I’ll get to Rubeus and Albus in a moment!)

When you have determined the geome for the property you will know immediately which level you should be looking at for a solution.

Each one of the geomes reveals the details of the problem through the Four Levels Model. Let’s flesh out the details:

Geome Cause
Cauda Draconis Earthly
Fortuna Minor Earthly with personal physical implications
Amissio Earthly with personal mental implications
Laetitia Earthly with personal physical and mental implications
Rubeus Earthly with Mental/Spiritual and personal physical implications
Caput Draconis Mental/Spiritual
Fortuna Major Mental/Spiritual with personal mental implications
Acquisitio Mental/Spiritual with personal physical implications
Tristitia Mental/Spiritual with personal mental and physical implications
Albus Mental/Spiritual with Earthly and personal mental implications

This is the jumping off point for your further investigations.

So:  Two taps at the top indicate that you’re dealing with a Spiritual/mental problem.  Two taps at the bottom indicate you are dealing with a Physical or Earthly problem.

Spiritual/mental causes include: Hauntings, psychic disturbance external to the property, curses, astral problems, activity of a greater ley-lines close by, etc.

Physical causes include: Geopathic stress, underground water, smaller ley-line activity (way-lines) switching on or off, mining work, building work, natural forces (wind, rain), etheric disturbance.

Once you discover the main Level (physical or spiritual/mental) any other taps in the geome (Levels 2 and 3) tell you about the knock-on or contributory effects. For example, Amissio could be caused by underground water (aquifer) (physical, Level 4) and be affecting people’s dreams, imagination, ability to concentrate (Level 2); Tristitia could be caused by a poltergeist (Level 1) which is disturbing sleep (Level 3) and making the occupants feel tired or sick (Level 3).

Tying-up the loose ends

Rubeus and Albus are in the positions they are because the bulk of the taps are in one Level or the other (physical or spiritual/mental).

Conjunctio is in the middle because it is not possible to say whether it is more physical than spiritual/mental.  I’ll say more about this in a moment.

Here are the other possible geomes:

Astrogem Geomancy Geome Spirit Earth Clearing Negativity

Secondary geomes involved in house clearance

If you get one of these, look more closely at the situation.

Puer suggests that the occupant is causing the problem physically (this may even be deliberate)!  Look for local physical explanations: Creaking floorboards (just normal creaking caused by changes in weight or temperature), sick building syndrome, overhead electricity cables and of course, the occupant’s diet affecting their ‘stability’ and receptivity.

Puella suggests that the occupant is disturbed (you need to be careful how you phrase that, naturally.  Mental disturbance can range from psychosis through to drug use or just simple stress!) or is causing the disturbance themselves.  They may just be being hypersensitive to what is a natural occurrence (branches tapping on a window) and are reading more into it than necessary.  They may also be imagining it, possibly compounded by poor sleep.

Via indicates that there isn’t really a problem – you’ll need to look for other explanations than the house needing clearing.

Populus indicates that the problem is currently too complex and that further investigation is needed to uncover exactly what is going on.  Given that Populus is associated with the full moon you might want to wait until the full moon is passed and then ask again (and do some further checking on the background to the situation in the meantime).

Carcer also indicates that not all is as it seems but that the problem lies with the person who is experiencing the situation rather than something to do with the property.  (It could also be a trapped Elemental, but unless someone has been messing about with Conjuration that is an unlikely explanation.)

Just as a ‘fun exercise’ and for the experience, you could also cast the geome onto a chart in order to get the House and get further information about the background to the situation if you wish.

Alternative diagnosis

There is another way to use this principle, too.

Follow the sequence. . .

‘House’ becomes ‘dwelling’.

‘Dwelling’ becomes ‘where you live’.

‘Where you live’ becomes ‘your body’.

You can therefore use the same principles to find out why you might be feeling and acting the way you are and thus where you might look for solutions.  This is especially useful in situations where you feel out of sorts rather than ill, per se. If you have a cold or someone has run over your foot there’s no need to ask the Oracle.

The next step

The clearance of the house can be achieved by placing the reverse geome on the map/picture in conjunction with any other methods you have of solving the specific problem revealed by the geome together with the physical support needed to bring about long-term change, healing and repair.  For example, saw off the branches tapping on the window, re-balance the diet or start dealing with the stress.

So what about Conunctio?

Conjunctio in this situation is a mixture of ‘Earthly’ and ‘Spiritual/mental’.  What does that mean?  How are they related?

Look carefully at the geome:



You’ll see it is actually made up of two other geomes:

2A           and        9A


Combined symbol B

Conjunctio is a fascinating geome and would be the subject of a whole post in itself!

You can see it is composed of Cauda Draconis and Caput Draconis – the start and end of Fate.  It is associated with the planet Mercury – messenger of the Gods.

Here’s a secret

Lots of people get hung up on all the aspects of Conjunctio/Mercury/Hermes and tend to miss something very significant.

They talk about ‘communication’, ‘travel’, ‘messages’, ‘education’ and ‘change’ – all important aspects of the archetype, without doubt – but they overlook one key factor.

He’s the messenger of the Gods.

Messenger.  Of.  The.  Gods.

He’s carrying a message from the Gods!  And when the Gods decide to communicate we should probably listen – it’s likely to be something important.  I mean, come on – they’re Gods!

Usually they tell us about something Fated and tend to avoid tittle-tattle about whether or not you should take a new job or start exercising.

You can see now why Conjunctio is such a perfect vehicle for conveying both aspects of Fate.  It can bring the message of the start and end of something fated:  Cauda Draconis or Cauda Draconis.

That’s what Conjunctio is saying:

“Pay attention!  Find the message!  Do something with it!”

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