Who Cares What Others Think?

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 3rd March 2014

This week sees a shift in Flow from wanting to connect with others to having to focus more on your own direct interests.  You will have to look after what is important to you without much help from others.

Acquisitio in the eleventh house (in it’s natural sign of Sagittarius) will let you know that much of the interest you are getting from others is a reflection of your personal enthusiasm and energy.  This is more than a little bit irritating as you want others to go along with what is said, not just how it is said or who is saying it!

In it’s association with Jupiter Acquisitio can be quite off-hand at times, liking what it likes, when it likes it.  And it doesn’t always care too much about others and their opinions.

And here’s you, all keyed up and ready to make an impression in life but finding that friends only want what they want out of you, rather than what you want to give.

That’s going to have to stop and the Flow to the sixth house later in the week shows just how that’s going to happen.

Lightening Jobs

Conjunctio in the sixth (Cancer) suggests that your first duty will be to protect your own interests.  Sure, you will want to make as much headway as possible in your projects and to a large extent you will be able to do so.  But you’ll need to move other people’s interests out of the way first.

They need to get the message loud and clear (remember Emperor’s aren’t usually in the habit of listening to others) that you have interests and priorities of your own.  What you want in life has to take priority for you at the moment.  Your best approach will be to seek only those avenues which will give you a good return and good feedback.  This is not the time to expend your effort on anything or anyone that doesn’t directly help you.

In fact, the purest role you can play will be as a lightening rod for your own schemes and plans.  You need to be the catalyst of your own dreams.

You’ll find that it helps to immerse yourself in your work.  Make things better with the jobs you have to do and don’t let anyone interfere.  If others aren’t helping then they are part of the problem.  You need to deal with them quickly and firmly.  Get the job done.

Take control of your Destiny

By adding the geomes to get the Active Transform we see where the Flow is leading.  In this case the Flow leads back to the first house and Fortuna Major (24):

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, March, 2014, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Fortuna Major (24)

This shows that all this buffeting about you are feeling is so that you can get clarity on whatever you are trying to achieve at the moment.  The first house is all about you and how you see the world.  What is really being taught here is that, when everything is considered, you can’t rely on anyone but you at the moment.

Only you have the clarity of vision of your own goals.  Only you see them in detail.  It’s therefore going to be down to you to make them come about with little to no help from others for the moment.  They are too busy with their own plans and problems.  This is going to be your fight.

Don’t waste time looking for or expecting help.  The way to go will be clear in your thoughts.  Find, develop and follow that path.


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