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Via + Amissio → Acquisitio (1234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 9th July 2017

There’s a strong combination of forces in Flow this week. Used well they will see you able to connect with others and help you get your message across.

Via in the third house (Virgo) shows that at the moment you may be feeling a little emotionally sensitive. The reason for this is in part due to the fact that you feel unable to connect with others as you would like to.

If you’re not careful you’ll end up doing too much work and running around everybody else.

The Pars Luna this week is in the sixth house (Sagittarius). This shows that part of the reason for the difficulties you are having with others is that, strangely, it’s because your ideas are too pure and idealistic. Maybe you have been too theoretical. Maybe you have been seeking perfection. In some circumstances having a clear and pure message can be inspirational. But it still has to connect. And that is the likeliest reason that the ‘it sounds good in theory’ mentality has been stifling you.

There’s nothing wrong with what you are trying to do and what you want to improve. It’s just that others don’t feel exactly what you feel — at least, not yet. You have captured their minds but not yet won their hearts. This can make you feel a bit like a lone prophet at times. In the best thing you can do will be to simply keep on with a message, but keeping on with it in the right way. Others can, and will, follow if you can let your message resonate with them, so don’t give up.


The Prophet Ezekiel, Wikipedia, (CC0)

The second geome cast is Amissio in the 10th house (Aries). This placement gives a very clear confirmation that the people you have been trying (or will need to) influence have a certain amount of authority. They have a certain amount of sway in what happens and will need to be persuaded. They will get part of your message, the logical part. But they are also looking at how you present yourself and how they could see themselves working with you.

The key then will be to not be too impulsive, especially about the changes that you want them to make. The opening of the Taps from Via to Amissio at Levels 1 and 3 shows that you need to invoke the inspirational and emotional side of whatever it is you’re trying to convince them.

You know the old adage ‘Sell, not tell’? It applies here. You need to get their emotional buy-in.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Acquisitio (1234) in the fifth house (Scorpio). This is a very powerful placement in the Casting.

To find the emotional connection to others you will need to delve into mystery. You will find you are much more ‘lucky’ and successful if you develop the social and creative aspects of whatever it is you’re trying to achieve and that your power will develop as you look for what is deep and hidden.

So, instead of trying to beat people over the head with the facts you will find it is the unusual and the mysterious which will arouse their curiosity. And if you can do that then these will generate the interest which will really win hearts.

Don’t try to create all the message yourself. Let the natural power, that is, the nature of the thing, work to your advantage. Show you your ideas help people.

Simply do what’s right for the overall scheme of things. To do so you only need to walk and act in the way you suggest they behave. In other words you need to walk the talk.

Flow will allow you to show your creative power so you don’t need to force this. Indeed you need to get your head out of the way!

Draw from Flow and don’t hold on to creative ideas. Be a conduit and express the inspiring impulses immediately. Let people see what you are about.

There is no need to complain — just explain.

Acting is better than telling.

Help them to be curious.


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