Bringing Out An Old Skill 2

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Aquisitio + Laetitia → Puer (24)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 8th May 2016


This week sees you surrounded by an up-welling of ideas and connections. In the widest sense possible you will be seeing and feeling connections with others.

It’s as though you are plugged in to some kind of universal well-being generator! The feelings of benign goodwill will be swirling all around you and you can be a force to express that feeling in the world.

It’s Acquisitio in the 11th house (Aquarius) which indicates these heady feelings in the Flow. And as much as you will be able to revel and enjoy them you’ll find both your natural instinct and the world will want you to condense them down into something that can be used.

You see, taking these inspiring connections is not enough in itself. Sure, it is a nice thing to feel, but there is more behind it and more that you can use.

As the week progresses you’ll find that you feelings of this surrounding atmosphere of goodness start to coalesce and condense into the cool, clear water which provides you with new insights and spiritual nourishment.

As your thoughts clarify and condense you begin to feel romance in the air. It’s Laetitia in the first house (Aries) which provides this delicious mixture of ‘attractive dreams and headlong desire’ which I call romance here.

Now whether this romance is with someone or something will be up to you. Whether it is a person who has caught your eye or whether you start to mentally explore the possibilities for your future then the romance — the fantasising and trying out various options in your mind — will definitely be there.

This all might be very pleasant but there is more that you can do to express your uniqueness


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Puer (24) in the third house (Gemini).

This indicates the Flow Contracts after Laetitia to keep the Level 3 double Taps. This shows you that your developmental opportunities lie best in thinking and planning how to communicate your ideas with others.

So use this time to think about how best to get your point over. This is a great time to bring your thoughts to pinpoint focus. So, relish, cherish and experiment with all things mental.

This is a time when you can start to see the dots connecting in your mind — first close to you and then further away.

You will find that you can absorb new ideas about your dealings with others if you allow yourself to do something you’ve probably not done for a while and that is…

… to play…


Baby at play by Thomas Eakins [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Baby at play by Thomas Eakins [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Let your old skill of experimental play bring out new approaches and new ways of connecting.

And the best kind of play is both great fun and totally absorbing.


Click on the comments and let me know how you plan to play this week.

Game on…!


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Thank you.


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      June, that’s perfect – ‘Sisters’ are the province of the Third house, just where we find the Active Transform this week! 🙂

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