An Inner Flowering

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Rubeus + Acquisitio → Tristitia (2)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 30th July 2017

This week sees you having a dramatic potential to increase your possibilities and choices. Rubeus in the eighth house (Aquarius) shows an open field of crackling ideas just waiting to earth themselves through your hands. Ideas, and the opportunity to use them, are bursting out all over the place this week. And there is the potential to grow your interests to enormous proportions if you channel your energy correctly.

You’ve largely been operating through your feelings, and as the week progresses you will find more and more avenues of opportunity opening up for you.

You will need other people. They may help by giving you the circumstances or reasons to make some necessary changes. In that way they are kind of acting as lightning rods, providing new channels of thought and ways of expressing yourself you hadn’t thought possible — or hoped to find.

This pressure-cooker of feelings and impulses to act will feel somewhat compulsive and insistent. You therefore need to be very clear on your desires and ambitions. Your desire to break with existing traditions is all well and good. After all, you know where the changes need to be made. But you’ve been working so hard and so long that you should guard against overstretching yourself.

With that in mind here is something to consider: As much as you are seeking to heal others in their situation you must not overwork yourself, otherwise it will be you that needs the healing!

The Pars Plutii this week is in the 11th house (Taurus). This gives a very clear indication that your drive is based on what you see as the greater good. You intend to transform your friends and social matters and their ideas. But you can only do this successfully if you can connect to something bigger outside yourself. Taurus here indicates that you do not need to look up, but rather to look down. Look to the long-term, to the solid and the earthy as your way forward. This can be a difficult to realise as we normally think of expansive progress is being upwards and outwards. This time it’s down and deep.

You have the opportunity to reach deeply into your beliefs. And now that your feelings are clear it’s time to move forward ploughing up the earth and not let anything get in your way.

Acquisitio in the sixth house (Sagittarius) compliments this direction of Flow beautifully. The focus here will be on being generous in your work by allowing your strength to well up from the deep rather than simply exploding outwards. Think of it as the unfurling of a flower.

The Inner Flowering, Andrew Dunn, (CC BY 2.0)

You have the ability, certainly later in the week, to both develop and express your channels of service: finding a way to make your magic happen, to make things work out, to realise your aspirations. Given the expansive nature of Acquisitio and the ease with which you are able to accomplish what you want to do, you may find that you get lost in some of the detail of what you’re doing. That would be a mistake, or rather, a waste.

Sure, you need to get the job done and it needs to be done well. But you also need to allow your upwelling of creativity and imagination to spread to others, again working for the benefit of all rather than just for the individual. This will enable you to expand your personal horizons almost by accident.

It seems clear here that there could be some medical or health implications arising this week. This may involve working with health professionals in some way or possibly some circulatory issues. Neither of these are likely to seriously affect you however, given the nature of the sextile aspect between the geomes.

That said, given your positive attitude and desire to have and share fun this week, your high spirits will probably keep you in robust health.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Tristitia (2) in the fourth house (Libra). Following on from the previous two geomes we now see that Flow can go in many different and positive directions. You are likely to both feel and see a break with tradition in some way.

This could be manifest in things like: A significant change of (or at) home; something altering in the background of the structure of your life; several changes in quick succession; lots of visitors and new ideas coming in to your home life (have you swapped your front door for a turnstile?) or some other (fairly benevolent) chaos at home… Tristitia can bring all of these and more.

You are likely to find that attitudes around the home are likely to change, both yours and others. A lot of the time this will be simply down to being impatient with routine. But you will find that you simply want to avoid the future getting trapped by the past.

Fortunately you will be able to achieve this change with grace, charm and diplomacy. This is largely going to be done through being welcoming of change.

And that is largely driven by your farsightedness.

Focus on strengths.

Be the peace-bringer, opening people up to new ideas.


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