A Faint Heart…

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Puer + Laetitia → Acquisitio (124)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 6th August 2017

Are you ready?

Did you notice?

There will be a test…

Puer in the 12th house (Gemini) this week shows that Flow is likely to produce a desire to express your repressed wants and urges. Yes, these could be physical, but it is more likely that these are your urges to want to get things done and to progress more widely.

You are likely to be feeling restricted or at least in conflict about some change that you want to have happen. It’s almost that you want to take action but that you feel torn about doing so. Puer here can make it difficult to face what you are actually attracted to! Talk about a conflict!

The second geome this week is Laetitia in the first house (Cancer). It seems that you are looking to get clarity about several things but that feeling is being elusive. It is likely that you will try to find clarity by taking an inventory of everything you’ve got around you to do with the situation. You hope to get your thoughts in order and to think things through. But even when you’ve done that you are likely to find that the something missing, some inspiration is lacking, some vital spark which isn’t present.

When you have finished looking within and around yourself you will come to believe that this inspiration is lacking from outside. It isn’t. It’s actually lacking from deeper within. What’s lacking is a particular feeling…

The Pars Martii is in the same house as the Active Transform, which is interesting. In fact, the Pars unlocks the meaning of the whole Casting. This week it shows that the clue to the solution to your problems lies in the question itself. And when you are clear about the nature of your problems you will find the seed of a solution within them.

In this particular case it seems that you actually need a particular feeling. You may believe you want feelings of ownership and possession. You may think you want to have that certainty and security. It seems you want to feel ready to go. But that circle of the Pars and Active Transform indicate that it is within that you will find the solution: The way you will feel right about progressing at the moment is when you have actually started. The feeling of certainty will come once you start. When you are sufficiently confident in yourself and you are taking active steps to move forwards the ‘feeling of rightness’ will manifest itself. Don’t wait for the feeling before you start; start and the feeling will come.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Acquisitio (124) in the second house (Gemini). This shows how to go about getting that feeling. It will be a matter of taking a leap of faith into the ‘big idea’. You need to actively work on your hope of improvement in the situation.

The answer lies not in any possession, resource or knowledge but rather what is in your heart. You already have all the skills, knowledge and tools to do what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. All you need now is to just do it.

Start working on it, no permission necessary.


The Knight, JuditMarjai, (CC0)

Do it because it is who and what you are. Realise that the only way you can fail is by being too scared to try. Have that trust, faith and hope in yourself to live what you have practised and believe.

Did you see only the three words in the title of this post? Or did you see the three dots at the end of them which show that the something more to the phrase?

‘A faint heart never won a fair lady’ (or, originally, ‘A coward verely neuer obteyned the loue of a faire lady’. [1545 R. Taverner tr. Erasmus’ Adages (ed. 2) 10] — yes, I do my homework!). Like a knight fighting bravely in the battle for what he loves and believes in.


If you saw just the three words you may still be in the worrying or (more charitably) ‘scouting around for a solution’ phase.

If, however, your mind filled in the missing pieces of this common phrase then it is likely that you are in Flow. You are ready to take the next steps of believing in yourself. You are ready to make progress.

That was the test.

Sometimes you just have to trust yourself.


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