Alter, Not Falter

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Fortuna Minor + Conjunctio → Amissio (12)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 24th March 2019

If you would like to go time-travelling this week please see details at the end of this Casting and let me know what happens in the comments below.


Fortuna Minor in the first house (Pisces) shows that you have, or will, be putting a good deal of time and effort into planning your next steps. (In performing the Casting the geomes seemed to keep changing. This was interpreted as Flow undergoing some radical switches of direction over the next week.)

Your imagination is likely to be working overtime. You are likely to have been trying to come up with imaginative ideas of where and how to go forward.

Not only that but you’ve been battling with a great deal of uncertainty. Too many factors seem to be unknown or out of reach. How can you plan for anything with so many variables?

Your instinct may be to rely on your intuition. But that’s not what Flow favours at this time. What is needed is for you to dig down deep and tap into your practical imagination.

This means to consider feasible ways forward. Just being imaginative is not enough. Your ideas must be grounded in reality, based on resources you either have or can get and they must stand at least a fair chance of working.

The Pars Solar this week is in the eighth house (Libra). This is driving the need for dramatic change in the sense of wanting a break from the past and for new and attractive vistas to open for you. You are likely to feel impatient but to realise that you need to keep that emotion in check. That’s easier said than done, of course. You’ll need to find a way to change your desire to break free into the desire to control and find harmony.

Conjunctio in the sixth house (Leo) also shows that many factors could be changing for you this week. You are going to have to choose between a number of alternatives. Here ‘choice’ means that you will be selecting from a number of likely candidates. Each of these will have their own merits and you will need to exercise your best judgement. Please note the word ‘judgement’ — not ‘preference’! You’ll need to select the right, best way to progress rather than just what seems appealing.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Amissio (12) in the 11th house (Capricorn). This shows that you will have new things to try, most importantly new ideas for the long-term. Actually, it has a particular meaning in this context: you will be coming up with new things to try in old avenues that still need to be explored. This means that you cannot and should not give up. There are still things to try. There are other possibilities and options in the known areas.

You have to side-step. Change your approach. Do NOT give up, just find another way.

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, March, 2019, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

Change your approach, don’t stop, Michael Prewett, Unsplash, (CCO)

In finding a new way forward look to find tweaks and small changes to what you have already been doing. You don’t need to say or do anything radically different. That will be the surprising thing.

When it works it will be as if somebody says to you “Well, why didn’t you say so?”

And you will feel like replying “I did. I’ve been saying so for ages!”

No recriminations. Just get the job done.




As you probably know the clocks ‘spring forward’ by an hour in the northern hemisphere next Sunday (31st March 2019). In the week approaching this change I start getting up and going to bed half an hour earlier than the usual time every day.

But when next Sunday comes around something strange then happens…

I put my watch forward an hour but get up 30 minutes even earlier than I had been doing all week and still get up at my ‘old time’, according to my watch.

I know, it takes a while to work that out. It does for my body, too.

So I’m actually getting up earlier but seemingly at my ‘old time’, according to my watch. The actual change then doesn’t affect me much at all. So where does the time travel come in?

Well, I have effectively been living half an hour ‘faster’ than everyone else for the past week. It’s like being in a time-zone half an hour sooner than everyone around me — I ‘am’ where they ‘will be’ in half an hour’s time. It’s like I’ve moved forward in time but not in space, hence the impression of travelling in time.

Weird, I know.

But fun!

If you want to go time-travelling too, all you need to do is to get up and go to bed half an hour earlier than normal for the next week.

Come Sunday you put the clock forward an hour and get up half an hour earlier still, but still (seemingly) back at your old time.

No groggy morning.

And you, my friend, have been living in the future for the past week!

Leave your comments below to let me know if you plan to join me and what happens.

See you in the very near future!


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Thank you.


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