A Quick Idea Of What You’re Looking For

Tristitia + Fortuna Minor → Puer (4)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 5th January 2020

Tristitia in the ninth house (Leo) shows that this week is all about making a quick impact. You will find that you’ve already given matters enough thought to enable you to proceed. The key now is the need to practically apply your good ideas. Show how things need to be done. No more theorising.

You need to show your creativity, too. This comes in two parts. First there are the ideas that have already welled up inside you. Now you need to show you can quickly adapt and give people an idea of what you mean. Quick, small steps are needed. Give them an idea of what you want and where things are going.

Others might not be able to see as far as you do. But you also need to get them on board. Giving them the big picture all at one go is likely to overwhelm them.

There’s another reason to just give them quick impact items: you need to see who is interested at the moment. Not all the fish will bite.

Fortuna Minor in the eighth house (Cancer) continues this theme by showing that your focus should be outward and practical. Look for what is making — or could likely make— an impact on others practically. Hint: What makes an impact on one person won’t necessarily be what makes an impact on someone else. Hence the need to adapt. You are not trying to show many things to different people but, more likely, several aspects of the same thing. It’s the same overall message but with a different emphasis depending on the situation.

Find in which situations you can add strength and depth. You shouldn’t overthink this. Do what is obviously right and appealing to others. This is a time when you need to go with other people’s (small ‘f’) flow. Others may be ready to change — though only a little at first — so don’t waste time giving them too much information. Find out where their interest and commitment lie and secure that ground. Just give them a quick idea of what you’re looking for and they way that things might progress.

A quick idea of what you’re looking for, Orsolya Vekony, Unsplash, (CCO)

The Pars Uranii is in the 12th house (Scorpio). This underlines the necessity to keep things practical. Do not try to influence others with what seems intuitively good to you. Instead demonstrate to them what appeals to them. Look principally for practical ways to appeal to their emotions.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Puer (4) in the seventh house (Gemini). Here we see Flow giving you a clear direction in how to impact and influence others. Make it personal.

Specifically, make it about you and them, and not about you and everybody. Let them see the personal interaction between you and them as individuals. Don’t try to appeal to everybody or you will appeal to nobody.

When working with others your interactions may not be perfect, so be prepared to learn as you go.

But go!

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