A ‘Lesser Man’ Would Only Flourish

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 10th May 2015


The two parent geomes are the same this week, Fortuna Major. This shows that the Flow is Continuing. Specifically, you are likely to see some common themes emerging in your plans and actions with others.

You are likely to be feeling the need to grow and push out at the moment. You may be feeling itchy feet and the desire for wider opportunities. This restless urge has been growing for some time and looks to be about ready to flower.

At the start of the week it may feel like you are doing ‘more of the same’. Not only that, but you have so many fingers in so many pies that it is difficult to see exactly what might pay off.

The second part of the week should indicate to you which of those pies is ‘cooked’.

You are likely to find that it is your persistence that has paid off. One thing that does seem to help this process is to ensure that you are speaking the same language as others. You might find it helps to ‘educate’ others to your goals in order to help smooth that path.

As things start to move you will probably notice that the themes of ‘responsibility’ and ‘authority’ become more significant. Perhaps you will have to take on a greater role. Maybe someone ‘higher up’ will start to exert their influence… Either way don’t get side-tracked. As soon as things start to give, push like heck. Make whatever you’re working on your own and don’t give up.

Once you start getting results this week you may be tempted to slow down and simply enjoy things. That is where the majority of people would stop, but a geomancer knows better…


Take control of your Destiny


While some may find that they become successful and are happy simply to succeed and flourish, there is more you can do.

Don’t stop with just success — but keep your eyes up! You can build something more.

With a knowledge of the Active Transform the Flow can be followed to a greater result. This week we see the transformation to Populus (34) in the 11th house (Aquarius).

This indicates that you need to work towards your greatest success and the greater success of everyone.

To capitalise on the Flow you should do your best to push things as far as they can reasonably go. (There is a small note of caution here, however: Don’t try to offer more than you know you can deliver. But don’t be afraid to push beyond what currently exists, either.)

Specifically, you need to be able to build on the success that you have, consolidate it, embed it and make sure that you can use this to link to other people’s hopes and expectations.

The success you experience should be linked into the overall greater good of all concerned.

This will not need much effort on your part. All you need to do is leave nothing back in demonstrating to others your commitment to collaboration. You should then be pleasantly surprised at how much your efforts resonate with others.

This will stand you in very good stead.




Conjunctio in 5th (Leo)

This shows that you may be tempted to socialise more than is helpful at the moment.

Socialising in moderation is fine, of course. You need to show that you are human and that you are not taking yourself too seriously.

But don’t let social interactions get out of hand and distract you from your bigger goals.


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