Zap And Torrent

Tristitia + Via → Cauda Draconis (4)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 3rd May 2020

This is going to sound a little ‘uncool’ and possibly even hackneyed, but, well ‘Zap!’. I can’t see any other way to describe it. Whichever way you look at it this week, the potential for being zapped is going to be present.

Inspiration? Zap!

Sudden insight? Zap!

New opportunities? Zap!

You, ahem, get the idea

It is just one, clear and consistent message from the Casting all the way round.

It will just be up to you to put yourself in the right place and the new ideas will come flooding in.

Tristitia in the fifth house shows lightening fast change in the areas of creativity and art. It shows fast change in your social interactions, quick connection and artistic inspiration. Look also to find big-hearted and loving connection with others in your circle and new people suddenly joining it.

The Pars Uranii is in the ninth house. Here it indicates that what was previously an obstacle now vanishes. By looking for the right thing at what is now the right time produces the progress and results wanted for so long. It looks like someone asked the right question at last!

Via is in the ninth house, (Sagittarius), conjunct with the Pars. This indicates a different form of inspiration and newness. This is the newness of untapped potential, of realising new avenues which are opening up to you. New possibilities new directions unfold and everything seems to have potential!

Zap And Torrent, Jerzy Górecki, Pixabay, (CC0)

Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Cauda Draconis (4) in the first house (Aries). Whilst the indications are broadly concerned with you and your thoughts, the two new Taps at Level 4 show that there’s something you need to do to fully capitalise on Flow.

You must think how to do something: use and apply the new inspiration which comes to you. There will be a temptation for some to simply revel in the avalanche of ideas and creativity. But the best way to ensure that this continues, using you as a conduit, will be to immediately anchor this creative time in practical expression.

Note things down, start painting, start cooking, pick up the phone, write that email, place the order, pick up your pen and start writing… Do whatever it takes to take the next practical step.

The creative ‘pressure’ needs an outlet and it is only by providing a channel that you can ensure that it continues.

Dammed creativity will stagnate. It is only the living flow which continues.

That is how to turn multiple zaps into a fertile and continuing torrent.

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Thank you.


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