Your Own Geomantic Revolution

Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 6th May 2013

Astrogem horoscope for week commencing 06-05-2013

Astrogem horoscope for week commencing 06-05-2013

Rubeus in the first house (Taurus) is conjunct Caput Draconis in the first (Taurus) in a Contracting flow.

Geomantic Divination

This is a very interesting casting.  The forces at work are very strong and are being brought to a fine and well-defined sharp point.

Rubeus is a very powerful geome and in the first house it means that it’s all going to be focused on you and how you see the world.  Caput Draconis is all about new starts and the conjunction between the two therefore suggests an incredible build-up of power and energy waiting for release.

The fact that this conjunction occurs in Taurus will make this combination feel like a pressure-cooker which has been building its power for some time.  Finally the Bull has been goaded into action and things are about to change!  The question then becomes one of  who is driving that change?  Are you going to be pushing for a radical rethink, or are external forces pushing you to commit?

Nobody likes to feel pushed into action, so whether its you who are doing the pushing or someone else there is going to be a strong reaction to changing events at the moment.

My feeling is that you will feel that you need to get away from some of the physical pressure and demands which you have been experiencing of late and to narrow your outlook to only those things of immediate and important concern. The challenge will be to do this without sacrificing too much in terms of goodwill from others or accusations of being too focused on only your needs.  The ruling Venusian planet of Taurus should come to your aid, however, and show that there is a charming, harmonious and justified reason for your actions.  As much as this week will be about you and your view of the world, it will be important to bring others with you, so showing them your charming side will be important.

The double taps at Levels three and four of Rubeus collapse leaving us with just a single set of double taps in Caput Draconis.  This indicates that as far as you are concerned the physical world can take care of itself!  The flash of insight and inspiration which illumines your thoughts in the second half of the week will be your main area of interest.

To help provoke, or to come to terms with, that insight it will be important to see it in context.  Specifically, you will need to see it in the context of your view of your world.  This means you will need to change how you (and others) see you.

That’s why this is such a geomantic revolution.  The focus of events and energy seems to come to a single point and from there to explode outwards into new insight:  a real light-bulb moment.

Like most revolutions – even inner ones – something is going to have to go in order to make way for the new order.  Given that the nature of mental insight is so light in texture (but is present in an Earth sign) it might be best not to be too dogmatic.  Don’t think of this as a time of ‘get rid of ‘it’ before ‘it’ gets rid of me’.  Getting rid of what no longer serves can be very important, but this can still be done in a nice way and without ill-will and people will still understand.

It will be up to you as to how much of this you want to keep to yourself.  You may not feel much like involving others too much, but they will probably notice the difference in you whether you confide in them or not.

Take control of your Destiny

Adding the geomes gives us Fortuna Major (2) also in the first house (Taurus). This is an expansion from Cauda Draconis which shows that the insights we gain this week will be readily understandable and practical.  Perhaps more importantly, they will give us something new to think about and to try.

It might seem that you have been waiting for a long time to be able to get yourself into this position.  Taurus can make the Plutonian release here feel a little power-crazed if you let it.  Instead, the opportunity exists to channel the energy into constructive, personal ways of thinking and planning which can do you a lot of good in the long-term.  In order to do this it will be important to keep these forces tightly reined and to use them more like a scalpel than a club.


A single red rose can say more about your feelings than a whole bunch of lesser blooms.


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