Geomantic Opportunities Arrive In The Middle Of A Spring Clean 2

Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 29th April 2013


Astrogem Horoscope for week commencing 29-04-2013

Cauda Draconis in the fourth house (Leo) is sextile to Rubeus in the sixth house (Libra) in an Expanding pattern.

Geomantic Divination

The first thing to leap out of the casting is the indication of wanting to finish off a project at home (Cauda Draconis in the fourth).  That will be all well and good until something else comes along to interrupt you, of course.  It seems that you have some ‘inner work’ that you want to complete in order to improve how you are seen externally.

It is important for everyone to feel secure, both in themselves and in their home, of course.  Nobody can properly relax or work if they feel exposed in an area of their life.  We all need our protection and our defences.

But don’t let thoughtless comments from others affect you too deeply.  This is particularly true when you realise that their comments were not as well thought through as you might believe.  Don’t let their lack of tact in one moment affect the rest of your day.

If they have struck a nerve with you it is understandable that you would feel sensitive – but it might be well to remember that ‘personal’ is not the same as ‘important’.  Their opinion is less important than you think, so it will save you heartache if you learn to keep it in perspective.  But this seems to be a time when you will want to do whatever it takes to  make yourself feel better about yourself.

You will probably relish that feeling of pampered preparedness as the week progresses, however.  Rubeus in the sixth promises some radical insights into your character are yours for the taking in the latter part of the week!

New opportunities – probably work-related – are about to present themselves and you’ll be given the chance to ride them as only you can.  It’s likely to be quite a ride, too:  Trying to keep everyone happy, to do a good job and to make time for yourself and those closest to you.  But if anyone can do it, you can!  You might wish you could have an easier life, but doing the most good for the most people will have its more important and longer-term rewards.

Take control of your Destiny

Adding the geomes gives us the Active Transform Amissio (123) in the eighth house (Sagittarius).  To make the most of this Flow you really need to do two things at once, both of which will seem opposite to the way the wind seems to be blowing.

First,  even though new opportunities are arriving and seem to be pointing where you want to go, you will need to bear in mind that there will still be some learning to do on the way.  ‘Earning while learning’ will be the phrase of the time and you’ll need to pick things up fast.

Learning as you go along is not necessarily the best way to approach new developments, but it is a way in which you can grow the benefits for yourself and others at the moment.  You’ll need to keep your wits about you and be prepared to admit any mistakes or failings – but you will be able to progress.  And at this stage, some growth is better than none.

The second key will be to try out new ideas even though the old approach seems logical – and especially if it involves other people’s ideas (eighth house).  Share ideas and shoot for the biggest dream (Sagittarius).


There are always two things we can develop in life:  Who we are and what we seek to do.

Who we are can always be improved with hindsight.

What we seek to do gives us our reason to want to make the change.


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2 thoughts on “Geomantic Opportunities Arrive In The Middle Of A Spring Clean

  • Shad Schroeder

    This is an interesting reading this week, Les. I’ve been thinking about volunteering for position at my school (one in which I would have more responsibility), but kept going back and forth about sending in the paperwork. I did a geomantic chart (and I Ching and PsyCard readings) and all pointed me in the the same direction – the same as this reading. I sent in the paperwork this ayem.

    All good things.

    • Les P Cross

      Shad, I think that this will be a good move for you even though you know it will require some effort (Rubeus in the sixth). The school will definitely benefit from your skills and experience.

      You will probably benefit in ways you have not foreseen as yet. And it’s nice that all the Oracles agree!