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Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 13th May 2013

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Astrogem horoscope for week commencing 13-05-2013

Rubeus in the first house (Taurus) is sextile to Cauda Draconis in the third house (Cancer) in an Reducing flow.

Geomantic Divination

This is all very interesting!  If you look back over the last few weeks you will see that there has been quite a lot of attention being paid to Rubeus and to aspects of the Dragon (Cauda or Caput Draconis).

This suggests that what we are and what we do has a great opportunity to influence – or be influenced – by the forces around us.  The question is, are we making the most of it?

Really, this is a time when we can really shape our fate.  There are forces at work which make it easy for us to mould our destiny at the moment.  The fabric of our lives is in a state of flux and we have the opportunity to make a significant impact on how our story will play out.  It’s like being given permission to shake up the pieces, to decide how they move, even to reshape the board!

Rubeus is still in the first house just as it was last week, but now the Flow suggests that the time for Starts is going to give way to the time for Endings.  This is a time for clearing away the unnecessary (Cauda Draconis).

Specifically, you will notice that some of the external contact you have been making with others will become less important, or at least less relevant to your needs.  This may be because you have all you need, or it may be because you should concentrate more on more local matters.  Whichever is the case you will notice that you are going to have to work on matters which are, quite literally, closer to home.   This is likely to take time and effort on your part as the double taps at Levels 1 and 3 of Rubeus collapse to single taps in Cauda Draconis.

You’ll find that there will be no excuse not to really concentrate on the immediate job in hand.  The double taps at Level 4 of Cauda Draconis indicate that the Flow is principally concerned with physical output and making changes in your immediate environment.

The immediate environment covers you family and those with whom you interact most (third house), and it also relates to your physical base in this instance, too (Cancer).  My feeling is that you will need to do some work on relationship security and also in shoring-up some defects or damage to the physical surroundings.  Physical and emotional repair-work seems to be in order.

I may be going out on a limb here, but I would think that you will have to do some clearing away before you can get started, so expect some deep conversations which involve restructuring of approach or of the physical layout of your surroundings.  While this may seem quite an effort in some ways, it is also necessary in others.

You need to build on solid foundations and with good materials.  Anything else would be a waste of your time!

Take control of your Destiny

To enable us to shape our fate we need to add the geomes to see how best we can capitalise on this time.  Adding Rubeus and Cauda Draconis gives us Amissio (2) in the fifth house (Virgo).

If you look at the Flow of the pattern you will see how the single tap at Level 2 of Cauda Draconis flowers into a new double tap in Amissio (2).  This is therefore a great time to learn – and indeed capitalise – from any seeming mistakes or hardships which have occurred.  Truly, whatever these circumstances are we can use this time to rapidly find out what works and what doesn’t work for us.  It is like having our very own Geomantic laboratory!  Mistakes will be quickly forgotten and what works can be quickly applied.  This is a fantastic time for making personal progress – if you take it.

The sextile shows that despite any ups and downs matters will generally resolve themselves favourably.  But for those of us who take our personal development seriously then this is a time we can actually enjoy.  The ability to get rid of what doesn’t work and what is slowing us down will make us sleeker, faster and stronger and we will feel the benefit.

Those with the courage to face the sometimes painful truth from Cauda Draconis may even wonder how much of what they are currently clearing away was not caused by others.  In thinking about this they will then be able to take heart at the opportunity they now have to not dwell on their problems.  Instead they will relish the chance to clear away those problems so they don’t have to labour with them any more.


A mirror does not just reflect.

It reflects back.


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