Geomantic Way: How To Deal With Annoying People

Why are people so annoying? You know who I mean: When you’re driving and the tiniest gap opens in front of you and someone cuts in. Impatient people. People who do stupid things and keep on doing stupid things.   You’re already doing everything you can to make things better and […]

Simple Pleasures Of Lost Childhood

  If a leaf falls in the forest and there’s nobody there to catch it… For the last couple of weeks I’ve been urging people to get out and catch falling leaves HERE and HERE. Now why would anybody want to catch a leaf? Because it’s there. And because it […]

A Quiet Walk In The Woods

Today we went for a quiet walk on the north woods of our estate in Westonbirt Arboretum. We’d seen the huge party of schoolchildren leaving just as we arrived, so that looked promising. 🙂 The day has been largely overcast, some light drizzle and the mist has not really lifted… All […]

In Case You Missed Her Last Time…

  Just in case you missed the opportunity last year, you should start looking now! If you want to Touch the Hair of the Goddess then any time from now onwards in the north and western hemisphere is good. Here’s what I found to be the best conditions to watch […]

Expanding Our Idea Of Earth

  As everyone who reads this website knows, Geomancers perform divinations by the signs and symbols of the Earth. Traditionally, the concept of Earth was ‘elemental’ – the things in and on the physical plane itself (and with those things affecting the physical plane). I’m deliberately staying away from the […]