Turn Necessity Into A Virtue

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 10th February 2014

This week sees Laetitia replacing Albus in the third house.  The change from single tap at Level 3 in Albus to single tap at Level 1 in Laetitia will likely manifest in a change from preparing to act to wanting to act.  However, we need to give some thought to why you’re not feeling like progressing at the moment – what’s holding you back?

You’ve seen the changes that you want to make around you and you’ve been gearing yourself up.  But just when you feel that you have everything ready, suddenly you’ve lost motivation.  Where did that go?

The answer, as usual, lies with the Flow.  It’s not you that’s changed but rather the external influences.  Now is not the time any longer!  If you’re not already actively engaged in the changes we talked about last week, then you won’t go far wrong in taking the extra time you’ve been handed now.

The Flow indicates that events and people have moved on while you were pondering and getting ready.  As a result the iron has started to cool and now is not the time to strike!

You will probably feel that some of the inspiration seems to have gone out of your projects for the moment.  And while you have some very imaginative ideas they are difficult to get across to others.

Tears before bedtime?

Later in the week we see a sudden shift to TristitiaTristitia is usually associated with tears and unhappiness.  Well, yes and no.

First, it is indicating that you might get caught by the very sudden changes in external events as the focus changes from Level 4 of Laetitia to Level 1 of Tristitia.  And by moving house from the third to the fifth you are likely to see a dramatic shift from concern with your local environment to much more focus on other people and social interactions.

On the face of it, this might seem like the kind of change you are looking for.  But while doors seem to be opening for your ideas nothing concrete seems to result practically.

Now all this might sound like bad news.  It’s not.  We are working in a Continuing Flow (so we know that people and projects are shuffling round rather than progressing) and we are also working within a sextile (sixty degrees) between the geomes.  Sextiles are good things.

It indicates that you are finding that you are swimming a bit across the tide and not making much progress.  But compared to the alternatives at the moment, it’s the best thing to do!  The sextile here indicates a silver lining.

Take control of your Destiny

If we add the geomes we get Carcer (1) in the seventh house (Cancer):

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, February, 2014, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Carcer (1)

Given the single new tap at the first Level and in the house of ‘working with others’ we can see that there is still something to learn before you can progress.

Your ideas to date might have been a little too conservative, a little too safe (Carcer in its association with Saturn and Cancer’s association with protection are nothing if not risk-avoiders).

So while the tide seems to be moving against you what you’ve really been given is a breathing space.  You’ve got time before the heat is turned back on you.  Make the most of it!

Turn this time into a chance to reflect, to position yourself and – most importantly – get your ideas and arguments straight.  Use this as an opportunity to check, to correct, to tweak before you present your ideas to others.

Take the time to plug gaps and make sure you are fully ready.


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