Time For An Un-think

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Conjunctio + Via → Carcer (23)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 22nd January 2017


Some people are trying too hard with what’s not working this week. Conjunctio in the sixth house (Gemini) shows that from a purely astrological approach we would be thinking of Mercury as producing a buzz of communication in a fast-moving environment. Looking at the influence geomantically, however, we can see that the fast-moving environment largely concerns external ideas and practices. There doesn’t seem too much involvement from you, which suggests that you’re probably feeling a little imposed upon with everyone else just buzzing around you.

It’s likely, too, that you’re being expected to produce the goods and to not make waves. This can produce the feeling that you’re wondering what they’d do if you want there to look after things and get stuff done!

The Pars Mercurii the ninth house (Virgo) suggests that others probably seem to have somewhat unrealistic expectations at the moment about what is wanted and how things should be done. They want everything just the way they want it. You know that things should be done without all the need for refinements, bells and whistles. Your feeling seems to be to just get things done rather than to do them in a particular way and just for the sake of it. It’s not that you think you know better than everyone else, it’s more like you are simply more aware of what is possible and needed under the current circumstances.

Fortunately, the saving grace in this week’s Casting is the trine aspect to the second geome, Via. The trine indicates that you will be able to handle whatever comes up very smoothly provided you just ease into the situation.

Via in the 10th house (Libra) suggests that you will be able to move things forward provided you use charm and keep things fairly relaxed. It will pay you not to go head-to-head and directly resist plans and actions this week. You are likely to get much further with others by using honey than by using vinegar.

Given other people’s unrealistic expectations you might be thinking they need to perform a rethink. What they actually need, however, is an un-think. It seems that they are thinking rather too much when the Flow is indicating that the new direction will be towards the practical. Un-thinking means challenging and simplifying to find what is actually needed to get the job done with what you have available.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Carcer (23) in the second house (Aquarius). This indicates that you can get ahead of the game by focusing on practical thoughts.

Suggesting a different approach to some people is likely to meet with resistance on their part, which is natural enough. But if you show that you are considering their feelings and approach rather than trying to completely change what’s actually done then they are more likely to meet you halfway.

If you can concede minor tweaks and stick with what you know works then you may be able to navigate comfortably between various people’s extreme views.


Solid, practical and calm [CC0]


The trick will simply be to be practical and to sound practical. Try to find objective reasons rather than personal reasons for what you say. That is, try to find evidence for what you say and show what can be done using the existing tools and resources available to you.

Offer common sense. Take a deep breath and aim to remain detached — and smiling. You can do this!


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