The Third Of Autumn

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 29th September 2014


The chart this week shows an interesting combination of geomes in their natural signs.  This may give an overall feeling of matters falling into place and – eventually – your life settling down into a more regular pattern as a result.

The start of the week looks like being more of what you’ve been experiencing recently – hard work, it seems, and plenty of it.

You could be forgiven for feeling constrained and isolated from others both socially and emotionally.  What’s been driving this? Are you keeping yourself closed off or are there simply no opportunities for you to express yourself? It’s all very well being creative but that creativity needs an outlet in order to feel properly expressed.

Later in the week we see an expansion providing much more inspiration for you.  This is likely to involve your work and it will be interesting to see whether this is inspiration which you provide to others or whether others get inspired by your work.  It could be either.

The result of the inspiration brings you much-needed clarity and the ability to finally express what you need to express, which will be a welcome relief.

Given that these are ‘heavy’ geomes in that they are related to Saturn and Uranus you will no doubt feel that the pressure has finally been lifted on you.  This is likely to feel more like the gradual turning on of tap rather than a sudden bursting of a dam, however.

The Flow when it comes is likely to feel quite refreshing and wholesome and you are likely to see things in a new way.

This works in another way, too.  In your dealings with others you are likely to find that they bring you a much-needed mental connection and an end to the feeling of isolation.

The weather here in the UK at the moment really makes the post-Equinox days feel very much like the Third of Autumn (original poem below) and gives a feeling of a clean start.


Take control of your Destiny


To make the most of the situation you should take people up on their interest.  You are likely to find as the week progresses that others will be receptive to your ideas of working together.  The Active Transform is Laetitia (14) which shows that they are more likely to respond best to suggestions of practically and physically working together rather than more ideas and thinking.  That’s fine, just take it in slow and easy stages.

You should try to look for joint areas of practical and physical investigation and exploration.  Be imaginative and creative in how you do this without trying to get to definite at this stage.

This could be quite a creative venture with others provided you take it in slow and easy stages.

Not only that but this is likely to be new territory for you, too.  Don’t rush things.

As much as you have a driving force, great ideas and – let’s be honest – a burning desire to share with others, you are still able to find new and interesting areas open up when you just relax into the relationship with others.




The heavyweights of three geomes are featured in the horoscope this week and each in their native signs.  I’ve not seen such a thing in a reading before and can only suppose that a feeling of wholesome naturalness will result.

Note also the expanding Flow from Carcer to Tristitia producing a ‘sudden completion’ (the sixth house) of the personal, followed by an awakening in a continuing Flow to Laetitia (14) in the seventh when we begin to work with others.

This seems to have deep currents in the Flow and it will be interesting to see what new and deep avenues are opened as a result.


The Third Of Autumn

The first of Autumn is a blue-grey day –

A blue-mooded, grey day of dismay. 

A leaden sulk, a wet face-slap,

Trickling ‘till dusk and then all the way back. 


The second of Autumn is a soft, downey gold. 

The honey-butter day breathes out and gets old –

We’re swimming in dapples and big country apples,

It smoothes on our faces with unhurried graces. 


The third of Autumn is a sharp and clear Sun.

A bite to our actions, a swallow it’s done. 

We focus our minds and pick up the pace,

We harvest the time so the day does not waste,

We rustle the papers and pick up our pens. 


And the three days of Autumn are wed at the end. 


Les Cross, 2001.


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