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Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 10th June 2013

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Astrogem Horoscope for week commencing 10-06-2013

Aquisitio in the seventh house (Sagittarius) is in conjunction with Via in the seventh house in a Contracting flow.

Geomantic Divination

There are two main ideas you need to take away from this week’s casting.  First, it’s all about reversals, and second, it’s not going to be about you.  Well, it is going to be about you, but you’ll think that it’s mainly about them.

This is a week to look at working relationships and to watch out for broken promises.  The first thing we note is that as Aquisitio collapses to Via we are seeing the natural order of things. Aquisitio’s over-expansiveness is unsustainable and is almost destined to collapse.

Don’t try to shore things up, just let them fall.  Just be ready for them to break. You are likely to see this particularly in partnerships in larger projects.  They will be thinking that they can airily make suggestions and that you will carry it through, using your resources and very little help from them.  This is not as bad as it might sound at first, because they are about to have a wake-up call!

Matters will not turn sour for you, it’s just that they won’t turn out as originally promised or as you’d originally hoped.  The reason for this is because of other people’s shifting priorities.  They are likely to find that ‘other urgent things have come up’ and that the original projects you were going to work on together have to change.

This will look very much like ‘mission creep’: what was a workable project and arrangement starts to get blown out of proportion and off-course as more and more objectives and outcomes are added.  (Note: Make sure that in your desire to be helpful you don’t start gilding the lily, too.  Just keep to the original plans. Keep to what you know and can trust.)

There is likely to be a tipping-point very soon where projects change from one thing into something else.  Don’t worry about this.  It’s not your fault.  It’s just the flow of events and it was meant to happen.

Other people will be keen to let you make their wishes come true and will be happy to pile things on to you simply because you seem to be able to cope.  But their unthought-through whims can put the whole thing in jeopardy.  The best thing to do is to keep to what you know and are certain of and to wait for matters to settle.  Don’t fuel their fire and don’t make any suggestions at this point.

Fairly soon they will see for themselves that matters are running away from them. They will see that the time and resources necessary are simply not available.

Most importantly, they will realise that they won’t be able to meet their responsibilities in all of it.  They will see that they have effectively bitten off more than they can chew.

That’s the clue – that’s how you know that it’s always been about them!  They are, or rather were, waiting for you to make them look good.  As soon as they realise that they will be expected to put in some effort you are likely to hear a different tune.

Take control of your Destiny

To see how best to capitalize on this flow we need to determine the Active Transform by adding the geomes.  In this case we get Amissio (24) also in the seventh (Sagittarius).

To shape your fate this week you’ll first have to make sure that you pick your moment for best results.  If you go in with a solution too soon they are likely to still dump everything on you; go in too late and they will think you are playing games.  Stay charming, sweet and even throughout.

The trick will be to go in just before they start to get depressed about the fact that everything is ‘too broken’ and to let them know that “there might just be a way. . .”

Sell your solutions as an opportunity to try a ‘new approach’ (Level 2) but – and this is the clever part – using some of the existing material and resources (Level 4).  This will enable you to turn things around more the way you would like them and without having to do lots of new work in creating resources from scratch.

Of course, you’ll need to have prepared your resources and approach ahead of time – which is why the Active Transforms are so useful: they show you the likely extension and flow of events and thereby allow you to prepare for the likeliest outcome.

Pick your way, decide your approach and make sure everything you need is on standby and ready to go.

If you can do that you’ll find that you’ll be seen as saving the situation.  And although they may not appear humbled they will be grateful – and perhaps a little more respectful in future.


In the best stories the Hero’s defeat should seem complete and certain just before the end.

When the Hero then succeeds it makes victory taste much sweeter. 


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