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Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 3rd June 2013

Astrogem Geomancy Geomantic Horoscope Oracle June 2013

Astrogem Horoscope for week commencing 03-06-2013

Puella in the ninth house (Aquarius) is quincunx to Populus in the second house (Cancer) in an Expanding pattern.

Geomantic Divination

This looks like being a very thoughtful week.  Indeed it looks like this week will bring ‘thoughts about thoughts’.

This is a great time for personal development in that you will find that it will be easy to concentrate on self-evaluation, re-establishment and re-connection with your goals and priorities and to really ground and re-centre yourself with your inner values.

Given that Puella is associated with the planet Venus and Populus is linked to the full Moon you can see that there is a strong female influence over matters this week.

And ‘strong female’ can be taken several ways, of course.  You may find that there is a female who is strong who features prominently, or that what we might think of as the archetypal feminine qualities of care, empathy, nurturing, intuition and creativity feature prominently.  Perhaps you’ll see both manifestations of the effect.

Given that Puella is in the ninth we can expect a love of learning this week and plenty of opportunity to do so.  The ninth is also associated with thoughts of travel.  These thoughts could therefore be fairly wide-ranging both in scope and nature.  The ninth house has no truck with boundaries – physical, mental or otherwise!

Following on from that, it may seem that some people find your ideas a little far-fetched or even impractical this week.  In fact they are anything but impractical, but you’ll need to be able to sell the ideas in the right way in order to gain their acceptance.

The way to make them realistic, understandable and actionable will be to show how they fit in with existing resources and ways of doing things.  Find ways to show how your plans are doable and require minimal change in order to bear fruit.

If you want to win people over, however, it won’t be enough to just shower them with physical considerations and logical arguments.  You’ll need to show them the strength of your emotional arguments and your personal commitment, too.  And you should show them how they will benefit in as many different ways as you can.

I’m not sure I should share this next bit with everyone, but I know you will find it useful. . . :

If you really want to persuade someone this week you should concentrate on how your proposals can affect their feelings of security or on making them feel good – preferably both.

If you do that you are likely to be surprised by the strength of positive feeling you can generate and rely on this week.  Hit those two buttons and you’ll find them receptive to your ideas.

Take control of your Destiny

By adding the geomes to create the Active Transform we get Puella (134) in the seventh house (Sagittarius).  If you’ve shown how you meet people’s emotional needs on those levels you will find something surprising.  You’ll discover that they will not only reflect your ideas and attitudes back perfectly but will also suggest ways of working together further – possibly in ways you had not expected.  Such is the way of capitalising on the Flow!

You have an emotional key this week which you can use to unlock the doors to people’s hearts.  Partnerships – even of ideas – can be very fruitful at this time. Make the most of the opportunity for others to buy-into them!

Don’t be too pushy but rely instead on finding resonance with the thoughts, hopes and wishes of others.  If you can do that you will be surprised at how inspired and hopeful life can become for everyone.


One lit candle can light many other candles.


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