Small Geomantic Pleasures Should Not Be Rushed

Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 20th May 2013

Geomantic horoscope for week commencing 20-05-2013

Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 20-05-2013

Puella in the fourth house (Leo) is square to Fortuna Minor in the first house (Taurus) in an expanding pattern.

Geomantic Divination

This is a time when you can enjoy some of the fruits of your labours.  Or rather, this is a time to make sure that you do.

You should take time to look around at what you have created and enjoy how far you have come and what you have achieved.  Make the most of this time and of the love around you.  There should be plenty of that around the home and in your circle of friends and you will find it helps sustain your spirit and deepen relationships.

Take breaks when you can and remember to give out your love.  A kind word here and there will help to lift someone’s load and it will be paid back many-fold in times to come.

This is a time to make the most of your home comforts and to realise how much comfort and support they bring you.  You’ve worked hard to create the life around you, so take time to appreciate all you have done.  This is a time to appreciate your own effort rather than just keeping on forcing yourself to keep looking ever onward.

The feelings of appreciation for your efforts in life will also help you later in the week when you will be challenged to deliver the goods once again.

But there’s no need to worry.  In practice, this will not be as bad as you might first suppose.

Yes, you will be required to think about and act on what it is you really value. But this will play to your strengths and you will be able to meet any challenges with a strong sense of purpose.  You will also be able to use aspects of your character you have only recently uncovered in order to resolve any problems, so you’ll be feeling both thankful and pleased with the way things turn out by the end of the week.

Take control of your Destiny

In order to see best how to shape your fate and capitalise on the Flow around you it is necessary to construct the Active Transform.  Adding Puella and Fortuna Minor gives Caput Draconis (134) in the tenth house (Aquarius).

This shows that meeting your challenges will not be the only possibility this week, it will also be a time to link with others and to do ‘something more’.

If you get an opportunity to link to a new person or a new group, take it!  If you can network, make a new contact – indeed anything which helps you connect to a wider ambition, then grab it with both hands.

Do this in a self-assured way which shows others that you feel capable of doing the job and helping them and you will be surprised at the doors that will open.


Being calm and sure-footed indicates certainty.

It is not the same as being slow.


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