All Over Bar The Shouting

We celebrated Mabon yesterday. These were freshly picked from the garden: And this was the pudding…   And so the year turns… _________________ This is a powerful placement of the geomes in the Casting. The first geome is on the Ascendant, it is repeated in a trine aspect in the […]

Time To Move On

It is Mabon—the Autumn Equinox—next Saturday in the northern hemisphere. A time for gratitude for all the good around us and for celebrating the care and closeness of our family and friends.   Amissio in the 12th house (Leo) speaks of unfulfilled wishes, or at least the memory of them. […]

Reaching Out

It looks like you may have a significant request made of you this week. You can take it when you see the benefits for you. Tristitia in the 11th house (Cancer) suggest an emotional appeal to you at this week. This is likely to come out of the blue and […]


A bit of a fuzzy whirl this week as a spiral of events come take turns in starting, closing, growing and then changing. Tristitia in the 3rd house (Libra) starts this bubbling stream of Flow this week with a series of issues which will be changing and evolving as you […]

Weigh It Up

A complex looking Casting this week with a geome, Pars and two Rogues all in one house! It provides some very specific information as a consequence… Puer in the 5th house (Sagittarius) indicates that you’ll have lots of energy to carry forward your plans this week. More accurately, this placement […]