Ready, Set, Go

I wish everyone reading this a very happy Lughnasadh—the festival of first fruits and the start of the harvest season.   Via in the 5th house (Scorpio) shows that, as foreshadowed from the Castings for the last couple of weeks, matters are reaching a pinpoint of readiness. The machine is […]

Focused Connection

Albus in the 11th house (Taurus) is putting a lot of emphasis on your plans and how you communicate them this week. It is clear that you have some very definite ideas about what you are hoping to accomplish at the moment. What seems equally clear is that you need […]


Amissio in the 6th house (Sagittarius) indicates that you will be taking an area, or more likely an idea, that you work with and developing it in important and useful ways. This area or idea is likely to be something you enjoy and something you like getting your teeth into. […]

Review And Rehearse

Acquisitio in the 4th house (Libra) shows that you may already feel that you have a good handle on the current circumstances and situation. It is likely, if you are in Flow, that you sense (or even know) that you are approaching some kind of conclusion or significant milestone in […]

Keep It Real

The omens for progress this week seem favourable, but you will need to proceed carefully and thoughtfully to get the most out of your opportunities. Amissio in the 11th house (Taurus) indicates that Flow will favour seeing how the land lies in using whatever resources, help and contacts you already […]