Start Finish Start

Talk about the Moon in June! With this much Lunar influence you are likely to be very tuned in to your own and others feelings. Not only that but the ebbing and flowing of the situations around you should be obvious. But there is a bigger trend within Flow, that […]

Full Consideration

Rubeus in the 8th house (Sagittarius) is full of enthusiasm and insistence. If you are exposed to such an atmosphere you may find it a little overwhelming at first. It looks like somebody is trying to be dramatic. There is lots of passion and noise to support the changes that […]

True Treasure

Acquisitio in the 10th house (Aquarius) is a figure indicating abundance, particularly of ideas and ideals. It is a sign associated with the hopes and dreams of a better life, indeed, a better world. Generally this is a very favourable figure. What then needs to be taken into consideration is […]

No Second Thoughts

Fortuna Major in the 2nd house (Gemini) is the start of the indication that much of Flow this week is going to be concerned with thoughts and ideas. Given that there is a square aspect to the geomes it shows that this is going to be less about inspiration and […]


Today is Beltane, midway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. That makes it the first day of summer! If you’re following the Earth’s seasons or a keen gardener (or both) then in the northern hemisphere this is the time to repot or plant out the plants you have […]