Strategic Control

There is another relatively simple progression in Flow this week. The trine aspect ensures that matters all move through one element, Water, so feelings will play a significant role as events unfold. Conjunctio in the 6th house (Scorpio) indicates some pressure to change things in the work environment. Someone is […]

Turning Point

Fortuna Minor in the 3rd house (Leo) indicates that you will likely be preparing for a significant project this week. This will involve getting the necessary materials and resources together to undertake the task. Fortunately, you will have a clear understanding and knowledge of exactly what is needed. You are […]

Thoughts In The Air

This week Flow is primarily concerned with changes of ideas and in the ways of thought. The circumstances seem to prepare you for change and when it comes the trick will be to hang on to the train as long as possible. The longer you can hang on to the […]

Follow Your Star

Puer in the 12th house (Taurus) presents you with the strong urge to do something in order to return you to a state of calmness again. Why are you being so disturbed by everything that’s going on? Your patience can be sorely tried at times and it’s lucky that you […]

More Smoke Than Fire

Cauda Draconis in the 7th house (Sagittarius) suggests that you may be working with others who seem a little too excited. Events and situations might become a little dramatic, or at least be presented in a dramatic way. The overall impression of the Casting is that they are simply being […]