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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 10th November 2014


This week is a good time to capitalise on the heightened emotional mood which seems to permeate the air at the moment.

Use whatever opportunities you have available to you this week to sort out your stuff.  You can feel fairly ruthless about this.  It won’t take much thought to know what is worthwhile and what is not.  Your instincts are more than likely going to prove unerringly accurate for you.  This means that you aren’t likely to get rid of anything which still has value to you.

Your emotions may feel as though they are set to boil over at times, certainly in the first part of the week, so simply use this as an opportunity to get a free ride from Flow in order to feel motivated to do what you need to do.

Later in the week the Flow shifts from the second house to the third and the emphasis will change much more towards expressing your thoughts clearly to others, ‘doing the business’ and generally towards getting results.

Anything you can do towards posting it, shipping it, letting people know, getting your message out there and moving things off your plate is likely to go well.

Fortunately the energy from the start of the week will help carry you over otherwise this might well be an exhausting time.  If you feel like things are dragging just keep reminding yourself of what is important about what you are doing and you’ll find things go a lot better.


Take control of your Destiny


Once you have set things in motion you will be able to relax – at least a little.  Of course, you might still be concerned how people will react to what you’ve done and said.  That’s only natural.

What you will need to do is to make time to think through your next steps.

Just to be clear, you should have had a plan to start with but you are likely to find that there were some tweaks modifications you needed to make along the way and it is these which need to be thought about.

The lessons from all this passion and effort will be useful to you in the near future.  At the moment though you just need to reassure yourself that you have done everything necessary to get the job done.

When you can do that you will find that you can begin to get some rest.




Puer in the second house (Scorpio) has a huge amount of energy directed towards emotions and your personal physical resources.  The shift from Level 3 in Puer to Levels 1 and 4 in Conjunctio in the third (Sagittarius) show that the energy explodes outwards from the deeply personal to your immediate environment.

Following that we see a contraction to the Active Transform of Puella (2) in the fourth (Capricorn).  This gives significant pause for thought.  Both Capricorn and the fourth house are concerned with grounding and core beliefs.  The double taps at Level 2 show that all the physical effort which was expended outwards now needs to be reviewed and to have the lessons from the process considered.

Capricorn and its association with Saturn are likely to prove great teachers here.  Make sure that you capitalise on the opportunity to learn which is going to be offered.




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