Shadows And Echoes

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Populus + Carcer → Carcer (1234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 6th November 2016

To see this as a time when things come to a standstill would be a mistake. Nothing in Flow ever stops. The process of causes turning into effects is ceaseless.

Tomorrow is Samhain, the festival and celebration of Death in its widest sense. Whilst many celebrate this on 31st of October by tradition and according to the Christian calendar, we celebrate the time of the Sun reaching that point on the ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun as viewed from Earth) the day when it is exactly halfway between the autumn equinox (equal day and night) and Yule (the shortest day).

(To find out the exact dates of all the festivals click HERE.)

It’s interesting that this time of year is so connected with death. It is the last of the three harvests. It is when everything is done and when the physical year begins its ultimate contraction towards the shortest day. It is therefore a time of remembering the life of the year and of assessing its worth in the overall process of growth as nature begins her curl-up into a well-earned ball of rest.

And this is your last call this year to touch the hair of the Goddess! Some of the Astrogemanti have been doing this already and have sent in their pictures.


Trying in the lane


A windy hill proves to be a better bet. (I’m pretty pleased with myself — the Goddess brings out the kid in you!)


This year’s leaf — never been touched by human hand before. Hold it for a moment to appreciate its worth… and then let it continue it’s journey to earth


Atrogemanti AMC’s success


Another Astrogemanti (A-J D’s) moment of contact


(To find out about touching the hair of the Goddess’s, click HERE, HERE and HERE.)

Given the time of year the Casting seems particularly appropriate. Populus in the 12th house (Virgo) is conjunct to the second geome Carcer (also in the 12th house) which makes the Active Transform Carcer (1234). If anything says that this is a time to think about where you are and where you’re going then this is it!

Populus indicates that many of your projects, thoughts, lines of enquiry, actions, decisions and interactions with others have gone as far as you think you can take them.

For some it will seem as though no further progress can be made at this time. But as you know, Flow never stops. In this case it is only your perception of events which sees a halt in progress. In the same way that the year seems to be coming to a close you are simply approaching a resting phase where depth and worth have yet to be fully realised.

Carcer conjunct to Populus shows that this is the time for you to see what you have learned. Actually, those words get rearranged into a slightly more demanding question: What have you learned?

The collapse of the two taps at Levels 1 and 4 from Populus to Carcer indicate that your external thoughts and actions become less important — or rather less meaningful for you — as you think instead about what it all means.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform Carcer (1234) in the 12th house can give hope where others see stagnation.

It tells you to look for what is most relevant to you. It says you need to find what is deeply within you which seeks connection outside yourself.

This is a time of shadows and echoes. Of course, there can be sadness in thinking about the thin and temporary nature of such things like shadow and echoes. But that is not what the Active Transform says here. Rather it prompts you to find the worth of what that is the shadow OF. It challenges you to find the message within those multiple echoes.

In endings you can look for overall meanings.


The last day of the harvest, F R Unterberger, [Public Domain]

You can see that the fruit is not the end. The fruit is actually the plant’s way of making another plant!

It is the time when you can find multiple layers. It’s when you can go deeper in your thinking and feeling, each layer and insight being like another layer of the onion.

This is a time to consolidate your thinking and bring together what you have learned.

Please don’t rush this.

Simply seek your secret within.


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Thank you.


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