Remembering The Goal Of The Plans

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Amissio + Aquisitio → Via (13)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 30th October 2016


This week is likely to be a time of great focusing. But it won’t seem that way to start with.

Amissio in the seventh house (Aries) shows that, at the moment, you and all around you are feeling a love of interacting with others. This applies particularly when it comes to getting things done rather than, say, socialising. You enjoy the cut and thrust of discussion, of knocking corners off each other and of arriving at what you hope is a consensus view.

That said, the Flow indicates that everyone else around you is feeling the same way, too. And the end result of that is that everyone seems to want their own way with little forward movement.

Sometimes you win something and sometimes you lose something — but it feels like you keep going round the houses with nothing getting settled. And so it seems that discussion is producing a lot of heat and light but without much forward progress.

Whilst it’s good that people feel that they’re being listened to what is really needed is that forward impetus. As the week progresses the way to do this will become clear.

Acquisitio in the sixth house (Pisces) shows that it’s only when we take the egos out of the situation that we can break this seemingly never-ending circle of discussion. It is when we move from the ‘plans and execution’ approach of Amissio to the more useful ‘inspiration and action’ drive of Acquisitio that we will produce any significant change.

Flow at this time shows that work needs to be inspired to do what is necessary, to do what is best and what is good for all concerned.

It’s a matter of looking towards those higher ideals. You need to shift the focus away from process and towards results. You will find it helpful to remind people of what you’re supposed to achieve and to worry less about the details of exactly how it’s supposed to be achieved.

When everyone is clear about what the end result should be then the method of creating it is likely to take care of itself.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Via (13) in the fifth house (Aquarius). This is a very significant indication. It shows that the direction forward is going to be through clear, far-reaching emotional perspective. In simple terms that means people need to buy-in to the vision of what needs to be done and delivered.

As an analogy: if you can’t agree where you’re going on holiday then the method of transport you take doesn’t really matter!

Likewise, if you are an archer, it doesn’t matter if you have the best equipment and training in the world — if you’re not pointing at the right target you will never hit it.


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Archer CC0 Public Domain


But the Active Transform goes further and deeper than this. It shows that not only does sharing and agreeing on the goal is what matters but that focusing on that actually opens up new areas of possibility, empathy and understanding between everyone involved.

Further still, by working together with this new, shared dream people gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of what they’re doing and of the significance of their relationships in reaching it.

And whilst it may seem strange to say it, hitting the target will likely prove simply a stepping stone to something even more important to you — and them.



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