The Mist Begins To Clear

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Puer + Puella → Conjunctio (3)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 23rd October 2016


You are likely to find more energy and more clarity this week. Puer in the third house (Sagittarius) is likely to bring a swelling of physical energy which lets you think almost anything is possible! Odd things keep falling into place: finding things; things people say; events turning out better than expected, and so on.

This can lead you to think that you are being smiled upon by fate. Actually, it’s more like the rising tide of Flow. Matters are certainly improving but you need to use them in the right way.

The key will be to not allow your energy to dissipate. You’ll need to keep focus. Can you do this, given how impatient you are for change?

Passing some of life’s tests is wonderful and you should feel pleased with yourself. In this case, you have earned the right to progress to the next level. Your focus should be directed on continuing to progress and rise above your challenges now that you’ve shown you have what it takes.

You are likely to find yourself in a position where you can influence others this week. Sharing ideas and approaches is likely to come easily. But the real difference you can make this week will lie in what you can do, not in what you say. And the reason for that lies in where Flow is going later in the week.

Puella in the second house (Scorpio) is a soft powerful force in the Flow. On the surface it is likely to look as though you are getting on well with everyone and, probably, that you are able to get your own way. Nice as that seems, it is not the most important aspect of this placement. Notice the Two Taps at Level 2 and you will realise that all the physical energy and resources need to be directed mentally and emotionally this week.

If they are not then they are likely to be simply wasted and no real progress will be made. So what does that look like in practice?

It means that while being happy with some new-found confidence, skills and connections it’s your thoughts and feelings which need to be travelling at 60 miles an hour.

Getting the job, getting the promotion, achieving the qualification is great. But now you need to plan to build on that, to drive your thoughts and plans deep into your mind. In truth, you might even feel as though you’re playing two parts this week: the external ‘energetic and friendly’, but also the internal ‘clever and scheming planning’.

This is not two-faced. This is simply capitalising on what is good but being prudent about your future plans at the same time.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Conjunctio (124) in the first house (Libra). This shows that if you can maintain that balance then you will be very well placed to make deeper, further and much more important gains.

By focusing the energy into your thoughts you will find that you can grow and develop into new areas. It may even appear like you’ve opened a window into a new world as the mist begins to clear.


Kenneth Allen, (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Ideas and possibilities can then open to you. It may be difficult to know which of several opportunities you should take — almost all of them seem good! Time will tell, however.

The pars Martii is in the 12th house (Virgo) which shows that to get what you want and where you’re going you will need the sustained goodwill of others. When you take yourself and your plans seriously then they will know that you are playing your part. They’ll need to see that.

So take the physical energy, drive your own plans shrewdly and prepare yourself for the future.




Via made itself known this week:

Almost anything is possible. Embark on something new.


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