Please Yourself And Go Home 2

Did you enjoy your extra hour lie in this morning as the clocks changed back to Greenwich Mean Time? 🙂

I was up, as usual, at 0400 (4 am) and I was rewarded with a magnificent pre-dawn sky!

Take a look at this trio creating a celestial wonder…


The sky this morning 1 (600)


And just before sunrise we had this:


IMG_0101 (600)


Closer up you can see that the sky had the look of liquid fire:


IMG_0101 (6001)


An hour later we see the clouds in all their mysterious and complex beauty:


IMG_0102 (600)


IMG_0103 (600)


Okay, on with the reading:


25_10_2015 Chart (600)

Cauda Draconis + Tristitia → Via (123)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 25th October 2015

Cauda Draconis in the second house (Scorpio) suggests that you are quite keen to get rid of matters which are been hanging around for some time.

It looks like you’re going to be able to move things more to your liking but they may need a bit of a push to get there.

The two taps at Level 4 show that you’re going to be expending quite a bit of time and effort getting things done just how you like it. One thing to bear in mind, however, is that you should not try to be perfect in carrying things out. So long as you heed this caution everything will go well.

What you are likely to find is that the more you throw out there for other people to take, the more they will take. It may seem as though nothing is ever going to be good enough this week, so please don’t waste time and effort when others are just soaking up everything you’ve got.

Tristitia in the ninth house (Gemini) shows that you will find that circumstances are rapidly shifting — a bit like tap-dancing on quicksand.

Let speed be your ally. Don’t hang around and don’t try to please everyone. Just get the job done, get it out of the door and get rid of it.

This is no time to worry about niceties. Do what you know is right for you. You will find that others have a bottomless pit of needs, wants and changing desires otherwise.

The shifting circumstances could easily involve travel (further away than usual, but possibly not overseas) and some method of sharing your ideas with a wider audience, most likely electronically.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform, Via (123) in the fourth house (Capricorn), shows that the best way to capitalise on the Flow is for you to ready yourself and continue to work on yourself.

Explore your next steps particularly involving your personal ambition.

If you are working with the Flow you will be able to build on the start you made last week.

Now it will be time to start thinking of ways and Means of getting what you want. Think how you can add to your personal stocks and your local, personal empire and you won’t go too far wrong.




The rogue this week was Fortuna Major also in the fourth house.

Keep your head. Think. Don’t over-react but get yourself placed to move when you need to.



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Thank you.


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