Pace Yourself

Conjunctio + Albus → Rubeus (23)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 11th February 2024

Conjunctio in the 8th house (Virgo) suggests that there will be much to talk about and listen to this week. The idea of all this communication will be towards making practical changes in an intelligent way. You are likely to be drawn to others who put on a bit of a show, but you are shrewd enough not to be taken in by flashiness. Wisdom is what you are seeking and what you need to show.

Albus is conjunct in the 8th house (Virgo) and shows that ideally you will bring your deeper knowledge to bear in both planning and doing, enabling deeper levels of understanding all round.

The combination of these geomes seems to indicate that what was known or perhaps ‘hidden in plain sight’ will become rather more obvious and easier to spot as the week progresses.

Related to this there is likely to be teaching and learning about the ‘right way’ to do things—first will come the knowledge and then the experience. This will allow greater levels of understanding in order to help you accomplish your objectives.

But none of this learning is just for the sake of learning. There will be a definite end in mind which makes this all the more practical and useful. Naturally, it takes some effort to sort the wheat from the chaff, to find out exactly what you need to know and how to do it. But clarity of thought now makes the process easier. Organising should also come more easily this week.

The Pars Mercurii is in the 1st house (Aquarius) and indicates that whilst it is good to focus on progressing your planning and ideas you should try to avoid ownership of a particular way. It’s not about your way or a new way—it is about doing it the right way. Try to keep personalities out of it if possible.

Pace yourself, Ben Kerckx, Pixabay, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Rubeus (23), also in the 8th house. This shows that ultimately what matters this week will be what new resources and results you can bring to bear from your efforts. Specifically, learning and even making progress are not enough. You need to be able to complete matters.

Flow indicates that this is best achieved with a ‘Goldilocks approach’: not too much or too little, not too quickly or too slowly. It’s not a walk or a run but a jog. Pace yourself.




There were two Rogues this week:


Cauda Draconis in the 10th house indicates that there is likely going to be an authority figure or other external pressure on you to complete something this week. In fact, all they are interested in is results. While they may sympathise with your efforts and views they will be more concerned with themselves and their own needs.


Aquisitio in the 9th house (Libra) indicates that there is deep knowledge available to you this week provided you stay calm and moderate. Assess things wisely. To everything its proper time and place… the right pace.


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