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Albus + Rubeus → Conjunctio (3)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 13th August 2017

Albus in the second house (Virgo) shows that you are, or will be, casting around to assess your resources and ways forward this week. Chances are, however, that you are being a bit too much of a perfectionist about the way forward. This is completely natural under circumstances, however.

It seems that you feel there is something missing, or rather, not quite right yet. The Pars Mercurii in the eighth house (Pisces) shows that may be that your imagination is running away with you a little too much. Or maybe you are just getting a little too far ahead of yourself and trying to anticipate problems where none exist. Or maybe even that you can see the potential for problems even if the possibility of those problems are vanishingly small. And therein lies the rub — unless things feel completely right you don’t feel that you’ve got the complete answer. Hence the perfectionism.

Another aspect to this placement of both geome and Pars is the intensity of the emotions in your conversations. It’s not that feelings are running hot but that they are running deep.

Rubeus in the seventh house (Aquarius) builds on your feelings of uncertainty. Is it possible you are mind-reading others too much? While it’s one thing to recognise weaknesses in your own argument or position it’s quite another to only imagine the worst and believe that others are unsympathetic! They aren’t. They just don’t see things as clearly or in as much detail as you do. What you feel is the problem is not what they think is the problem. Is it similar? Yes. Is it related? Probably — but it’s not the same.



Deep in thought, Jan Matejko, Stańczyk (Public Domain)


You are likely to keep from expressing yourself to others if you fear you or your ideas will be rejected. You may be feeling sensitive at the moment but please be aware that this aspect of Flow suggests you are being over-sensitive. It’s not them causing a feeling of lack of progress but rather that you don’t quite feel ready yet.

In fact you can use that to your advantage: you will know when you have found a way forward when you feel as though you could talk to others. But you must get it right in your own head first. There’s a way of doing that…


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Conjunctio (3) in the 12th house (Cancer). If you are not paying attention to Flow then it’s likely that you will just end up thinking you are going in ever-decreasing circles with no way out. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Your imagination can lead you to further thought, clarifying your ideas, if you let it.

It’s also natural that Conjunctio can lead to you to feel like keeping your mouth shut at this point to avoid feeling misunderstood. But you are being too focused on you…

First, you need to recognise that the solution and way forward will not come from your resources or anything you think of as a solution.

The way forward will come from outside.

Second, what you have done in the past is unlikely to help. What worked in the past will not work now. Previous lessons will not show you the way forward.

You must work with what exists now. This is a new set of circumstances. Things are more mature. Things are grown-up and different now.

While it’s nice to ‘figure it out’ yourself perhaps it’s possible to realise that what you have actually figured out is that you can’t do it all yourself, that there needs to be some spark from outside first. Then the pieces can finally fit.

When you are in Flow you will be able to work with the situation as it is.


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