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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 12th May 2014

This week sees both apparitions of Mercury in the casting.  Look closely and you will see that all the action is centred on Levels 2 and 3.

The two taps at Level 2 in Albus collapse down to a single tap at Level 2 in Conjunctio.  But it will only be when we look at the Active Transform that we see how this pattern fully plays out.

Albus in the second (Taurus) will find you starting the week with almost a dogged determination to press forward your ideas.  It seems that there is something that you are determined to get and your mind is fixed on it.  The fact that you have painstakingly arrived at this choice or decision makes you reluctant to change direction with it.

The fact that these two geomes are square to each other (90° apart) means that the transition in your thinking from ‘wanting’ to ‘how to get’ maybe a little bumpy, however.

The fact of the matter is that you will have a decision to make: Do you want to achieve your goals in a particular way, or do you want to achieve your goals whatever the way?

How do you like it?

The Flow favours second approach.  If you can stop pushing so hard to get what you want in a particular way you stand much more chance of being able to get it.

Conjunctio in the fifth house (Leo) indicates that the need to have the co-operation of others this week will become increasingly obvious to you.  We must again consider that a square aspect between the geomes produces ‘challenges’ but it often helps us to knock the corners of the square peg in order to get it to fit into a round hole better.  So while some see this is a difficult aspect, I would see that events this week will help you find a way of being more practical in getting what you want.

Conjunctio suggests that you need to start taking people more into your confidence, too.  It also suggests that you stop pushing so hard.  There’s a fine line between determination and obsession.

Take control of your Destiny

When we add the geomes we get the Active Transform Rubeus (3) in the eighth house (Scorpio):

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, May, 2014, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Rubeus (3)

Look carefully at the Transform and you will see that the single tap at Level 2 remains after its collapse into Conjunctio.  This shows that to make the best use of the Flow this week you will benefit most by keeping your thoughts to yourself and not coming across too pushily.

There will be a real opportunity for you to benefit from the help of others this week.  You can see the two new taps at Level 3 in Rubeus which indicate that if you have heeded the earlier advice of letting go you will now have the opportunity (and indeed the spare hands) to take on something more.

You have the ability and opportunity to significantly change how you get your wishes this week.  This change may involve buying something new, but it’s much more likely that it will involve other people contributing and lightning your load.  They are likely to bring something new into your life, a spark or vital ingredient.

So, by all means, approach friends for their help.  Be open about your plans and be clear about what you want to have happen.

This is particularly true if there something you’re trying to get rid of.  You can be specific and firm in your intention without being too forceful.  That generosity of spirit will matter.


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