Look Outside

Aquisitio + Via → Amissio (24)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 1st October 2023

Square aspects can often be challenging. If you are stuck making progress the square may explain why. The Active Transform shows how to make an anvil round your neck a useful tool in hammering out the future you want to forge for yourself.

Aquisitio in the 1st house (Virgo) indicates that you are feeling a certain amount of restlessness at the moment. You want to know things and you want to do things, but can’t seem to get traction. There appears to be gaps in what you know and also in what you can do. The annoying thing is that you know that the knowledge is available, as is the help, but you just don’t seem to be able to tap into it for some reason.

Tip: Keeping quietly confident that you will find what you need acts like a magnet, drawing your desires and the solutions closer together.

Via in the 4th house (Sagittarius) indicates that there are changes to be made at home, or at least you feel that there should be. Perhaps you want to find answers there, to expand and to spread your wings in your nest. Metaphorically, there might be a strong pull or desire to find what you’re looking for in what you already know (aka your ‘home’ knowledge), but it seems that Flow has a different direction in mind.

What might be useful on the home-front is to try to see your existing capabilities, talents and resources in a new way. Try new ways of using what you already have available to you, but do so gently. While you may have overlooked existing capabilities in something don’t try to make it do what it really is not suited for. Banging something with the heel of your shoe may work, but it is no substitute for a hammer.

The Pars Jovii is in the 10th house (Gemini) this week. It offers a clear indication that you should avoid gossip and false information. Don’t do it and don’t listen to it. The indication is clear: both the donor and the recipient lose out by listening to it. The donor will lose credibility, the recipient will be led astray.

Look Outside, Nguyên Trần, Pixabay, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Amissio (24) in the 7th house (Pisces). This is where the useful strength of the square aspect can be seen. The way forward is to involve others in some way. They can provide the necessary support emotionally, informationally and imaginatively. They allow you to get different points of view than you had been considering.

This is good news. This contact can reinvigorate stale thinking in order to help clear the pathway ahead. It is also good that you consider multiple options from them as not everything you hear will be practical or suited to your particular circumstances.

Selecting the most likely option after careful and detailed consideration is where you can shine.


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