All Over Bar The Shouting

Fortuna Major + Fortuna Major → Populus (34)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 24th September 2023

We celebrated Mabon yesterday. These were freshly picked from the garden:

Mabon offering

And this was the pudding…


Baked apples with salted caramel sauce. You can see it wants to be eaten—it’s smiling.

And so the year turns…


This is a powerful placement of the geomes in the Casting. The first geome is on the Ascendant, it is repeated in a trine aspect in the 5th house to give a completion—all in the earth element—in the 9th house. Powerful stuff, but with a couple of little twists along the way…


Fortuna Major in the 1st house (Virgo) places you and your plans firmly at the centre of the action this week. This is a time when you can confidently take charge and see your ideas through to completion. This is when you can start to complete a personal quest to make something happen. You will have the necessary grasp of all the details and all is in place for you to put in position the final pieces.

There are two aspects to ‘detail’ that need to be considered in the Casting. The first is that you should avoid fussing over unnecessary detail. As events transpire this week it is important not to worry about every little thing. Doing so will hold up the overall movement of events.

Simply keep to the overall rolling direction that things are going and all will be well. You’re where you need to be, it all comes down now to the actual doing.

Fortuna Major is in the 5th house (Capricorn) and gives a useful insight as to how completion can be achieved. It indicates that social factors will also play a part in getting things finally moved. It will be important to keep good relations with others, particularly if they are responsible for carrying out part of your plans. These relationships should be friendly but not overly so. Build on cordial relationships without becoming too excited or involved. Fortunately, this is not a difficult task, the trine aspect is very favourable for all concerned.

There may be chances and opportunities which open up in relation to the overall goal. Be prudent about which you choose. Some of them are likely to require more effort than you think.

All over bar the shouting, WikiImages, Pixabay, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Populus (34) in the 9th house (Taurus). This is an excellent sign indicating the completely successful end result. It is those two new Taps in the geome which shed light on a particular aspect of the project, however. While the project will likely complete successfully and you can say the project finished there are likely to be some additional, last little pieces to get done. That is, ‘it is all over bar the shouting’.

The Pars Solii in the 9th house (Taurus) is in the same house as the Active Transform and gives that second factor related to detail in the Casting. You will find that the project will get to 99% done but you will need to keep on top of them to make sure that they really do get done. Don’t leave things hanging.

These details will still need to be done but rest assured that ultimately all will be well.


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