Keep It Real

Amissio + Fortuna Minor → Conjuctio (13)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 10th July 2022

The omens for progress this week seem favourable, but you will need to proceed carefully and thoughtfully to get the most out of your opportunities.

Amissio in the 11th house (Taurus) indicates that Flow will favour seeing how the land lies in using whatever resources, help and contacts you already have. This is all to the good as there is no point in trying to reinvent the wheel. That said, you may find that what initially seems like a good idea isn’t always the best or most effective option for you.

The reason for this is that most of the solutions and tools you learn about aren’t sufficiently relatable or applicable to what you have in mind. While they may seem to be appropriate in theory it is when it comes to practical application (and circumstances, time and money) that they may come up a little short.

What will be useful to do however is to keep those possibilities in mind and use them as signposts to what can be done…

Fortuna Minor in the 4th house (Libra) indicates that the best way to use otherwise great ideas is to put them through your own filter of practicality.

What this means is that you need to take the principles of what might work and to scale them down and tweak them for your particular situation. See how you could make it work with what resources you have around you.

The resources themselves may need a bit of alteration to fit the exact circumstances, but you should be able to make a workable solution from them (and get your ‘Blue Peter badge’ along the way!).

So, after getting a range of solutions filter them for suitability. This in itself could reveal still new combinations of how matters could be arranged. It’s a dynamic situation.

Not only that, but whatever approach then seems practical to you will still need to be thought through. That means practising it or maybe even just rehearsing it in your mind to make sure you can see how things would play out. If you notice any weak spots then try to plug them and check again. Don’t fly into the situation blind or without preparation, in other words.


Keep it real,, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Conjunctio (13) in the 9th house (Pisces). This shows that everything will go better if you have a baseline plan. You need this as a touchstone or blueprint against what you are seeking to do can be judged. It will be useful to in helping you keep on track, too.

The Pars Venusii gives a final piece of advice for this sifting process. It cautions about getting too optimistic about all you can accomplish under the current circumstances.

That is not to dampen your spirits, but to recognise the reality of the situation. Circumstances are not ideal and you may be working with less than perfect tools.

Keep it real and recognise success when it comes.


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