Just A Small Explosion – Nothing To Worry About

Something a bit different for you this week.

An impromptu method of giving readings and then how to use that method to create the weekly casting:


So let’s lay that out nicely…


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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 1st December 2014


Well, that was fun!  And how it works on so many levels!

So, if you have been following along with the videos above you will have just seen me describe a very simple impromptu technique that you can use to create readings.

The second video uses that technique to create this week’s reading, and a very interesting reading it is, too.

Three of the heavyweights feature in this week’s chart: Tristitia, Acquisitio and Rubeus.

At the moment you’re probably feeling quite pent-up or at the least frustrated at not being able to make the connections you want to make.  It’s almost as if you care to much.  And there’s more than a grain of truth in this.

The frustration largely stems from the fact that you care so much about trying to make a good impression with those in some kind of authority that you’re not seeing the bigger picture.  The people you are trying to influence really don’t care how much time and effort you have put in to your pet projects.  What they want is real honest to goodness communication.  They need you to reach out to them emotionally.  Fine sounding words and ideas just won’t do it!

It’s almost like the scene in Star Wars where Luke Skywalker finally gets to understand that he was let go and use the Force.  In this case, to progress further, you need to let go and use the Flow.

You can grow from what you’ve got, where you are, but you have to stop thinking so much and instead go with what feels right.  Seriously, you need to feel your way and make your projects emotionally appealing.


Take control of your Destiny


If you can do that, even though it will feel hard, you do stand a chance of making a breakthrough.  That breakthrough is likely to come as much as a surprise to you as to everybody else.  There may even be a small explosion!  You will feel something ‘give’ and you’ll know that a corner has been turned.

Suddenly you’ll find people wanting to talk.  You may find that short journeys begin to happen.  You may finally feel that your feet are on the right path.

They are, so don’t look back!  Cultivate new connections.  Do a solid job of it and let them know you mean business and everything may just work out okay.




Carcer: With Carcer making its presence felt you can expect that you will have to learn lessons.  The keywords in that last sentence are ‘expect’, ‘have to learn’ and ‘lessons’.

Carcer is not going to let you get off easily this week, especially with a square aspect between the geomes.  You’re only going to get something if you work at it.

It’s a test.

Your move…




Aside from the interpretation of the geomes for this week’s casting we can also see the very act of performing the casting reflected in the geomes.

With Carcer putting in a sudden appearance (quite unseemly for sedate Saturn!) we can clearly see that we are dealing with the Earth Oracle.

That we are dealing with higher philosophical ideas, and communicating those ideas to the world, is reflected in Tristitia in the ninth.  The collapse of the two taps at Level 2 of Tristitia to a single tap at Level 2 in Acquisitio shows how active the mental level is in the audience.  But the acquisition of knowledge will only come through relinquishing analytical thought and surrendering to the expansive and intuitive thought of the 12th house.

The Active Transform of Rubeus (4) in the third (Capricorn) shows both confinement and transformation – a heady combination!  This is the first crack in the dam which, if cultivated properly, could lead to a flood of new ideas and opportunities.


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