Catch The Drift

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 24th November 2014


This week is all about catching the drift.  The Flow can go in several directions and it will probably only be after the event that you will see that what happened was ‘obvious’.  So, the potential is for this to be a turbulent week unless you manage matters carefully.

You’re going to need to see which way the local tide is flowing and then decide whether that is the direction you want to go, too.

At the start of the week you may be feeling a little uncertain of how the land lies immediately ahead.  There are actually lots of opportunities and you may be wondering where to start.  Given this slight feeling of uncertainty you may find that even the best of intentions can be misunderstood very easily, so don’t go charging in.  Ease your way into conversations and situations with others and everything will be likely to go much better in the end.

Sound out other people as to how best to proceed.  You’ll find it advantageous to sound yourself out, too.  Make sure you give yourself thinking time.

Keep thinking until you a clear as to the best directions to go, but don’t procrastinate after that.  You are likely to have to make decisions instinctively in the end and without knowing all the facts.


Take control of your Destiny


You are likely to find lots of things going on within you – new ideas and plans percolating and some unexpected effort will be revealed and required from you.  How you handle any difficulties will be important especially as they will be noticed and remembered.  So again, tread lightly.  Weigh things up carefully before you commit.

As soon as you get a sure feeling, do it.  If you don’t get that feeling you might want to wait a little longer before you decide exactly which way to go.




Puella, Conjunctio, Puer

If they didn’t want to know, they shouldn’t have asked you!  That said, you will have to decide if they really did want your opinion or if they were just using you as a sounding board for their own ideas… In fact you may end up wondering whether you really do have any choice in the matter.  They may be just asking you in order to say they asked!




Via in the second house gives the idea of ‘transitory thoughts’ and ‘mobile passions’.  Being semi-sextile to Fortuna Major suggests that several new areas will open up but that these are going to largely concern mental outlook – yours and other people’s.

A reflective approach to the changes of events would not be amiss given that the Fortuna Major is in Scorpio.  Here Scorpio suggests that your thoughts are going to be very much about you and your outlook in the second part of the week.

The Active Transform Fortuna Minor (1234) shows an explosion of opportunity to engage in new activity but which will simultaneously be hidden from view.  This suggests a lot of internal work: you thoughts, subconscious desires and maybe some ‘dirty linen’ which could do with cleaning!


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