Inching Towards It

Tristitia + Puella → Amissio (4)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 18th August 2019

This week you need to be guided by your uncanny insight into what needs to be done.

Tristitia in the eighth house (Pisces) can sometimes be a somewhat nervous or hesitant combination. In this case however the trine aspect brings out all the positive relationships. Brilliance, intuition and quickly moving situations can all be used to your advantage.

As all the geomes are in water signs this week you are likely to find that your feelings guide you or that the feelings of others play a significant part in what happens. Use this positively. We are not simply talking about feelings as emotions. We are talking about impressions, intuition and gut-feel. All these can be turned to your advantage this week. You will need to listen to yourself and listen deeply! Feel the meaning of what happens rather than simply ‘think’ about or observe it. Don’t let other’s thoughts and feelings sway you too much. This is a time when your insight will guide you well, so use it to your full advantage.

There are a couple of cautions: First, think deeply when called upon to deal with money. It can come as quickly as it disappears! Allow it to settle with you rather than to trying to trap it.

Second, and as obvious as it sounds, take care with all instances which potentially mix water and electricity, particularly outdoors.

The Pars Uranii is in the fifth house (Sagittarius) and shows that you may have been trying to accommodate others too much recently. Including them in your plans and thinking is fine, but they need to understand that there is a job to do. Be happy to take them and their issues into consideration, by all means. But there is something more important than their feelings to be considered.

Puella in the 12th house (Cancer) shows that as the week progresses you can increasingly rely on your subconscious impressions. Think about what you know and about what you don’t know. The Four Levels Model indicates that your thoughts from your subconscious should be your guide. Don’t try to force this! Feel towards an answer. It will not come from outside and there is nothing to ‘do’. Just allow the way forward to present itself to you.

This slower pace and deliberate feeling will be important. It cannot be rushed, only encouraged.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Amissio (4) in the fourth house (Scorpio). This is a wonderful placement which allows you to express more of your true feelings in a safe and comfortable environment.

The trick here will be to inch forward rather than to engage in a full-frontal attack.

Inching towards it, Joel Peel, Unsplash, (CC0)

Given that the Casting shows the potential for hidden, subconscious, deep changes and feelings you should explore the way forward powerfully, surely but carefully.

Use the opportunity to move forward by testing each step as you go.

Calm, certain and deliberate — but unstoppable in curiosity and determination — is the way to go.

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Thank you.


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