Amissio + Acquisitio → Via (13)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 22nd November 2020

This is a clear time of loss and gain. The trick is to make this as productive as possible.

Not all loss is bad. Not all gain is good. This week you will find opportunities to choose what you gain or lose.

Amissio in the first house (Scorpio) may at first suggest a significant loss, perhaps through pushing too hard. But this is likely to be more of a fear than a reality.

The Pars Venusii is also in the first house (Scorpio) to confirm that this is a feeling or perception and that it is something which is likely to pass. It is therefore not something to be concerned about.

Perhaps you are worried that any loss for you represents a gain for them. But again, this is only half the story.

Your strong feelings and determined actions are geared towards removing some of the frustrations you feel at the moment. You are likely in no mood for opposition. So when you meet resistance or opposition from other points of view you might naturally feel defensive. But you can ride above all that and use the time to your advantage. That’s because the perception is not the reality…

Acquisitio in the seventh house (Taurus) shows that it’s not that you—or they—who are ‘wrong’. It would seem that no important item has been missed. It is more that the approach that others take can show where you need to strengthen what is weak and where to pull back from trying to be too strong or insistent. In essence: Moderate.

The core message here is that you can use differences to hone your approach.

Even if you are not going out and about much at the moment or interacting freely with others, you can still be aware of the influence that other views can bring. You can think through what opposition or difference of view you might meet and can therefore plan how to respond in advance.

In that way you are strengthened by difference.

In that way you allow perceived difference to be a grindstone of your planning.

Grindstone, Spencer Davis, Unsplash, (CC0)

Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Via (13) in the first house (Scorpio). This shows that you have a chance to practice before you need to perform. But here is the big lesson: This time is less about the specific lessons you need to learn (though they will be useful). This is much more time for learning to listen more deeply. Specifically, a time to improve your process of learning.

Can you benefit from the process of listening to other approaches? Understanding does not have to mean agreeing. But not listening reduces the amount of information you have.

Improving the process now leads to benefits later.

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