Finding Your Stamina In The Whipping Winds

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Tristitia + Carcer → Laetitia (4)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 7th August 2016


Today is Lughnasadh, the first day of Autumn. It’s one of the eight solar festivals of the year. It’s the festival of first fruits. The first harvest. The time of the corn dolly…


Corn dolly (400)


We’ll be celebrating today with fresh home-made bread, cheese, the first ripe tomato from the garden and, luxury of luxuries, blackberry and apple crumble for pudding!

Blackberries and apples are mentioned in one of the verses of Ted Hughes’s There came a day. But it’s the last verse that I love:


There came this day and he was Autumn

His mouth was wide

And red as a sunset.

His tail was an icicle




You may be feeling a bit in the thick of it at the moment. That would certainly be understandable with Tristitia in the fourth house (Scorpio).

This placement can provide sudden and somewhat unexpected changes in areas which we feel are important to us. For some it may make us feel a little out of our depth (you’re not!). For others we may simply feel that some important areas in our life and thoughts are being strongly affected by forces outside of ourselves. The winds of change seem to be blowing.

Most of us will be feeling that in some way that events are happening around and about us and that we don’t have that much control over them. This is only partly true. (If you have time this week you may find it interesting to consider how many of those ‘uncontrollable circumstances’ are actually the result of previous actions of yours. Just sayin’, is all.)

If you are in the process of making big changes yourself you are likely to find that you are left to do most of the work. This is just one of those times when, if you want to get something done you’re probably going to have to do it yourself.

Later in the week we see a shift in the Flow to Carcer in the 11th house (Gemini). Despite Carcer’s associations with Saturn and implications of slowness and the inevitable you are likely to find that the placement in the 11th and in Gemini provides not restriction but certainty. There are many other positive aspects to this placement, too: it brings dedication, devotion, long-term friendship and comfort in times of need.

It is also sign of wisdom and maturity, an indication of the unshakeable kernel of knowledge and friendship which helps us when we need it.

It is likely that the help and support we get will be of the essential, salt of the earth kind. It won’t be showy and there won’t be drama. Just careful plodding and getting the job done with the help and guidance of others.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Laetitia (4) in the sixth house (Capricorn). This, together with other indications in the Casting, reveal that despite all these changing circumstances which you see around you the real centre-point will be you.

That does not mean that you will become the centre of attention but rather that what you do and say will become increasingly important. It will be up to you to make sense of what is going on all around, both your own benefit and for that of others.

There will be many — young, old and infirm, the weak, the helpless or the needy — who can benefit very much by your stewardship.

The image to bear in mind this week is of having stepped into a hot-air balloon. You are being carried along by large invisible forces in the balloon itself and also by the winds which carry the balloon. It seems at first sight that you can only stand in the basket helpless as circumstances evolve around you. But that is not the whole picture.


Balloons over Mangotsfield (by AMC)

Balloons over Mangotsfield (by AMC)


You have that stewardship. You have the responsibility to steer the balloon. You are the captain and it’s going to be your choice as to the decisions which are ultimately carried out.

You will decide whether the balloon goes up or down by firing up the engine or letting out some of the air.

You will have to locate a safe landing place as best you can, literally, on-the-fly.

While there are several things which seem out of your control you need to control what you can control.

You need to rely on you.


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