To Break Free Of The Mud Start Running

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Puer + Puella → Conjunctio (124)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 31st July 2016


Oh, what a lot of fuss!

Puer in the fourth house (Libra) could indicate some disturbances at home this week. For some this will be an active male influence which could be unsettling. For the majority, however, this is simply likely to be an active, energetic, influence bordering on the disruptive. Unsettling, possibly. But more likely energising, goading and trying to get things moving.

Later in the week we see the influence of Puella in the fifth house (Scorpio) which seeks to bring some calm, balance and harmony to your life. But look closely at these two geomes. They are in adjacent houses and in signs opposite those in which they would feel more comfortable: Puer would feel more comfortable in Scorpio and Puella would feel calmer in her natural sign of Libra.

This indicates an interplay of nature and circumstances which we could probably best describe as ‘differences of views’. No, that doesn’t necessarily mean arguments. But there are likely to be important  differences of opinion as to which approach to use.

So how will this resolve itself?

Well the first thing you are likely to find is that you will be able to find a middle way. That middle way will need you to realise that you need to reframe the situation. Specifically, think of it as getting a new pair of eyes on the situation and you can start to feel grateful for other people’s input. If you think of disagreements as ‘bouncing ideas off people’ or as a testing ground for approaches, then things won’t feel so awkward. You can’t do everything yourself and you can’t think of everything either, so having other people’s input can help — if you use it in the right way for you.

The Casting is also interesting because the emotional intensity of the first part of the week slides easily into a different kind of intensity of feeling later in the week.

In fact, given that Puella is in the fifth house. it is likely that many of your irritations are caused by an attack of the ‘shoulds’ — you know what I mean: ‘They should have done that by now’, ‘They should do this…’, et cetera. Well, common sense will tell you how to deal with that! But there’s more we can do.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Conjunctio (124) in the fifth house (Sagittarius). This gives us advanced warning that the Flow will not be staying with differences for long.

What it shows is that we need to do is to keep away from detail. Go for the big picture. You are unlikely to find the calm you crave by trying to resolve differences of opinion. There’s just too much going on.

(If you do get involved in any big disputes, it suggests that you don’t try to ‘settle matters once and for all’ but rather that the best you can do will be to achieve a ceasefire.)

No, the best way to deal with any differences this week is not by confronting them or by trying to sort them out. Instead, look to the future…


Myriams-Fotos CC0 Public Domain

Myriams-Fotos CC0 Public Domain


Look past what is happening immediately around you. Set your vision to a further horizon. It’s not that the feelings, details and people immediately around you are not important — they are! It’s just that to move on from this situation you need to do something, anything, to move forward.

Don’t try to keep your shoes clean when you’re already in the mud.

Change your focus.

Look further than the mud.

Get moving.

The mud on your boots won’t magically disappear, of course, but at least everyone and everything will be moving in the same — and right — direction.


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