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Populus + Tristitia → Tristitia
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 9th April 2017

This week sees yet another influence from the sixth house and again with the 12th house prominently featured and again with Tristitia. It seems like there are still lessons to be learned, or rather gained, from Flow this week.

The theme is most decidedly a time of turning point. But here you get to decide if it is the turning point. If it is not a contradiction, you get to decide whether it is time to decide. You are either continuing to repeat the same kinds of events over and over or you can take off in a new direction. The repetition seems like a trap because it seems to be something you want to do, rather than it being something which it is useful for you to do. And there is probably no greater trap than one which feels comfortable!

The Pars Luna is in the seventh house (Libra) suggesting that either you keep trying to please others or that others keep take, take, taking from you, seemingly when they feel like it. You might have noticed that they keep changing their mind and that nothing is ever right for them, or that if it is right it doesn’t stay right for very long. How long are you going to keep on trying to please them?

Populus in the sixth house (Virgo) is in an opposition aspect. Oppositions always provide the opportunity for clarity and this week’s Flow is no exception. It’s as though you’ve been going through this same cycle, particularly in work, over and over. This might otherwise be tedious, but for some reason you are more likely to see things as ‘Ooooh, this is nearly right / perfect. It just needs a little tweak…’ But as you know, the Devil is in the details. The thing you’ll need to decide is whether it is worth all the extra time you are putting in just to make what, in the final analysis, is only a small change.

Tristitia in the 12th house (Pisces) indicates that your subconscious will be sending you some very sharp psychic or intuitive flashes this week. In fact, these may be happening so often that it is almost like you are listening in to a running commentary from ‘elsewhere’ as the impressions you are getting are coming thick and fast. You’ll need to pay particular attention to your inner truth to know what are the really significant key-to-the-prison-door kind of insights as they will be mixed in with the other impressions and might otherwise be difficult to spot.

You need to be able to sort out the genuinely helpful, life-progressing flashes from the lower level background impressions.

You are likely to find that Tristitia gives you a feeling of wanting to change. And these are likely to be lightening quick thoughts, impulses and needs. How can you fit all this change with wanting to get things under control in your life?

Given the nature of the geomes, signs and houses it would be silly not to point out the need to maintain a positive mental attitude this week and to not let your imagination run away with you. There seem to be a number of indicators of medical conditions which can probably be summed up as follows: You may experience more swellings / accumulation of fluid (Populus / Moon) or more sharp pains (Tristitia / Uranus) than usual, but these are unlikely to be serious or long-lasting. Given that the geomes are in opposition and are in the sixth house (health) and the 12th house (hospitals and other institutions) then you might feel a little better knowing that you are not suffering any more than expected, or in fact more than anyone else. Flow is universal.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is also Tristitia in the sixth house. (An opposition aspect always puts the addition of the geomes back into the house of the first geome). You can see that it’s therefore easy to interpret this a time of ‘reflection’ as the first geome is ‘reflected’ through 180 degrees to the other side of the chart and then reflected back into the house where it started.

Another way to see this is of a time of re-cycling, in the truest sense of the word. That’s what we’ve got here. And it is the reason we can think of this as a whirlpool…

Here’s the thing. You are not caught in a whirlpool; you ARE the whirlpool. You are sucking in the same people and events until you decide to move on. It’s going to be your choice at all times.

Take a look at this wonderful image. Is it a whirlpool in water, or something happening on a much large scale with whole star systems in a distant galaxy in space…?


Whirlpool, Gordon Wrigley, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The question is, as you probably realise, pointing out a metaphor: Are you going to be operating on a small scale or large scale? Are you earthbound or cosmic? Is your attention inward or outward?

Do you see the centre of the whirlpool, stationary and unable to progress? Or do you see the centre as a focus with mobile forces being controlled and directed from your central principles?

Listen to the answers deeply within yourself.

Messages from within may be fast this week but, if they are important, their impact will not be fleeting. The stars and water is only in motion around you because of who and what you are. If you change, so will they.

…And then a new pattern will emerge.


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