Pick Your Fights, Or The Fights Will Pick You

‘Pick’ is a very significant word this week. ‘Pick’, ‘picked’, ‘picky’. . . you name it they’re all in here.

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 11th November 2013

The first geome drawn is Tristitia in the fifth house (Pisces). Tristitia is associated with sudden and unexpected changes and also with an undercurrent which is decidedly cool and aloof. This means that our (fifth house) social interactions and relationships with others will start to see some unusual shifts. This is an unusual set of circumstances, however. As much as you can clearly see the change happening, the cause is much less certain.

The last few weeks have seen some odd things happening with changes in others and changes in you and your approach to life. It makes you wonder just who is reacting to whom. What seems to be happening is that we are all feeling in choppy water at the moment and nobody seems to be acting normally.

Because the Flow between the geomes is Contracting and also because they are in a square to each other, Tristitia in Pisces means that the vague, suspicious and nebulous side of the sign comes to the fore. Plans and plots might be suspected. Whispering behind the back. Suggestions and general unease – for no concrete reason – seem to be in the air. But before you dive in to trying to solve problems, however, it will be useful to pause and think about the fights you pick. Do you really want to deal with this now, or is it just the a mood with no real need to air the issues right now?

The top three Levels of the geome are very active (two taps on each Level) but the bottom Level is closed off to us. This means that we can’t seem to make the breakthrough in the physical/material world that we would like. So it’s only natural that we are going to feel pent-up, picked on if we are seemingly unable to shift the misty clouds in our relationships this week.

When Cauda Draconis comes more into play as the week progresses then we might expect things to come to a head (or an – ahem – tail). There’s a good chance they will, but without much chance of getting them sorted out. Because we are all swimming around in a similar fog we all feel the same kind of relationship disorientation and lack of clarity.

Contracting Flow and squares to Gemini are almost always going to produce mis-communication, sharp words and speaking before thinking. The good thing about this is that it will actually end up being beneficial as some of the matters have been hanging on and affecting us in a nagging way for quite some time. Getting them out of the way will be useful, even if the process is not going to be easy or cut-and-dried.

Because Cauda Draconis is in the eighth house we can expect that some of our discussions will be over money – how other people use it and our say in the matter.

The major trick to dealing with matters this week will be to keep the focus on just the issue in question and to not let it spill over too much into other areas, particularly into our relationships in general.

Take control of your Destiny

Adding the geomes gives us the Active Transform Via (4) in the eleventh house (Virgo):

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, November, December, 2013, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Via (4)

Via in Virgo can be very picky, with lots of niggling detail and frustration in our dealings with others, even in our dealings with groups and people we like most.

Fortunately the geome gives us a way to deal with this. All four levels of the geome are closed down (single taps) with just one new tap at Level 4. This means that we need to pause and reflect. Via is always a geome associated with some form of reflection or journey – often into ourselves. Here it is likely to be a defence-mechanism and our salvation.

Don’t get involved in anything you are not likely to, or want to, finish. Keep to yourself and marshal your resources to deal with only what you need to deal with, and even then, only on a pressing basis.

Matters are about to change, specifically with new possibilities being presented to you from others. There will probably be changes to your links with others (the single new tap at Level 4) but take it slowly. Think and feel the way forward. Dot i’s and cross t’s and wait for a favourable approach from others.

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